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If "responsible" is to be the value of the team, what about the development team lead? When setting an example, successfully implementing the project and cultivating excellent team members are the mission of a competent development team leader. "There is no way. This is China's national condition. All spiritual development must be based on material resources. When I have 5 million, I will train a team well, but I don't have it ." Can such a reason be an excuse to give up the mission? As the Team Leader, please say "no" to various reasons "! It is true that some developers may encounter many difficulties at the beginning and feel that some developers are "not sticking to the wall", but these are all problems of specific management methods, and should not be an excuse to let the team members let themselves flow. As the saying goes, as a development team leader, not only can he not climb the wall first, but also stay under the wall, if you want to climb the wall, you will bite him. Maybe you will ask why the development team lead is so difficult? Cultivating Excellent team members is not only a mission, but also brings about an improvement in prestige and management capabilities. When all of your team members are competent and stand alone, you can do more interesting things, and better opportunities will be presented in front of you.
If weekly technical sharing is the key to ensuring open mind, how can we implement it? "The question is, how long have you given the team members technical learning and sharing? I have a few projects, but I am not playing with my life all day ..." First, technology sharing and project progress management are two different things, although they are related. For example, our team shares technology in turn every Monday morning. As a technical exchange that takes up time, We must serve our current or future jobs, this is something that every team member needs to understand. The company's development standards use Java and. net. Of course, we do not want a team member to jump out and introduce the Assembly cracking technology. Every employee of a company should share their worries and improve their technical skills as much as possible. The company and its employees should be win-win, not win-lost or lost-win. The development team lead also needs to persuade the team members to give up some "free preferences" to ensure the company's technical direction ". Of course, there are no restrictions on the Content of technology sharing held in other periods, such as after lunch. The best example of the content to be shared is to help you get started quickly, which accelerates project development in another aspect. How can I define the role that the development team leader plays in technology sharing? Good Example-technical direction assurance-Challenge (Challenge)-Encouragement
In addition, Project Progress Management. What is the cause of the miserable "every day and every night? 1. the time/task schedule is unreasonable and there is no risk management. 2. The company is scrambling for business and swallowed up the image to do impossible things. We asked ourselves, what is the ratio of 1 and 2? The younger brother sees that only a few of the ten large and small projects he has experienced and experienced are "not able to do anything within the specified time ". The boss is also a person, not a metamorphosis popped out in the "pork slice. The project time, task, and risk management will be discussed later. In the second case, the boss insisted that you do "Mission Impossible". The development team lead first thought of how to complete the task and manage the boss's expectations? We are used to standing on the opposite side of the company to look at the problem, while the elite team needs everyone to work in the same direction.
It's late at night. Let's talk about it later ......

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