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This chapter describes how to create a traffic manager policy on the Windows azure Management Portal.

Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal and select "Virtual Network" --> "traffic manager" --> "policy" --> "CREATE"

In the "Create traffic manager" dialog box, modify the following:

    • "Load Balancing Method": Select balance.
    • "Select managed services to be included in the policy": you can filter by DNS name keyword.
    • "In the available DNS name" select the DNS name you need and add it to "selected DNS name" on the right"
    • Name the DNS name you set in the traffic manager DNS prefix, which will become the URL you visit
    • Set nds ttl to 30 seconds
    • Click "CREATE" to complete the creation process.
    • Wait 2 minutes until all creation is complete.
    • Note: The traffic manager dns url I created is


Test traffic manager

I have already created traffic manager DNS, and then I open this URL in IE browser

We can find that the traffic manager redirects my requestDeployed in Windows azure East Asia data centerThe web site shows me the content of East Asia.

Because our physical location is in Shanghai, China, the location of the East Asian Data Center (Hong Kong) is closer than that of other data centers, with less network latency.

Please note: for a performance policy, the Load balancer determines which hosted service
Responds to a client request based on tables that record the round trip time
Between various IP addresses around the globe and each windows azure data
Center. Note, however, that while there is a strong correlation between distance
And network latency and you wowould normally receive a response from the hosted
Service closest to your current location, other factors such as network topology
And congestion cocould determine that you receive a response from a service that
Is further away.

This explains the performance of Server Load balancer. Server Load balancer for hosting services records the round-trip time between different IP addresses in the world and each windows azure data center according to a table, to return the response to the client request. However, this is highly correlated with distance and network latency. Generally, you receive the response sent by the hosting service closest to your current location. However, some other factors, such as network topology and congestion, may affect your request. You can receive a response farther away from your physical location.


Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal, select the three hosted services that have been released in the previous chapter, connect to the Remote Desktop respectively, and then open the traffic manager dns url with IE in the Remote Desktop. You can see that the web page content obtained from different remote desktops is the content of the hosted service published in the same data center.



Simulate service downtime

Open the previous traffic manager dns url and find the hosted service status. Set the managed service manage traffic in East Asia to disable, for example:

Then press F5 to refresh the page, and you will find that the content of the page jumps to the hosting service of another data center, that is, the second fastest area of network latency. Here I show West Europe.

Then we set the manage traffice of the East Asia hosting service to enable. Wait until the health monitor timeout changes to ready. Then press F5 to refresh the page, and the content on the page becomes the content with the fastest network speed. Here I show East Asia.


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