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How to Use Sina Weibo account for application login verification (Integrated login verification based on Windows Azure Mobile Service), azuremobile

How to Use Sina Weibo account for application login verification (Integrated login verification based on Windows Azure Mobile Service), azuremobile Using a third-party account to log on to the application is nothing new, but why do you need to talk about this topic here today, the reason is simple:

Modify the Linux system login password by mounting a disk on Windows Azure

When it comes to VM password issues on Windows Azure, our first two articles have described how to reset the login account password for Windows VMS, Linux VMS on Windows Azure. Today, in addition to the above two methods, there is

Windows Azure PowerShell Login method

As you know,Azure China Login Portal address, in fact , Azure can also be logged in another way, that is PowerShell login, Individuals think that Web login can operate less flexible content, the use of PowerShell login

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

Windows azure platform articles Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine. Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example), these templates only inst

Windows azure platform (23) blob explanation of Windows azure Storage Service (medium) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter is closely related to the storage service details of Windows azure platform (13) Windows azure blob Storage Service (I) in the previous chapter. Please read the previous content fi

[New portal] windows azure platform (May 18) Windows azure New Management Portal introduction windows azure platform Series

Windows azure platform articles I have introduced several new IAAs enhancements released by Windows azure in June 7. If you are interested, please refer to my article.ArticleWindows azure platform (forty-eight) New Features of Windo

Windows azure platform (22) Storage Service of Windows azure storage service blob (I) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to use blob storage to store images on a local simulator. For the concept of Blob storage, see Windows azure platform (7) Windows azure storage service. Before ge

Windows azure platform (47) Windows azure traffic manager (3) create traffic manager policies and performance Load Balancing windows azure platfor

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to create a traffic manager policy on the Windows azure Management Portal. Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal and select "Virtual Network" --> "traffic m

[New portal] windows azure platform (60) use Windows azure Management Portal to create web site (below) Windows azure

Windows azure platform articles Before starting this chapter, make sure that you have installed: Windows 8 release preview English 64bit Visual Studio ultimate 2012 release candidate Windows azure sdks 1.7x64 In this chapter, I will introduce how to

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

Recently, a friend asked me if windows Azure is an ASP. NET application officially provided by Microsoft.ProgramVirtual Host? His specific understanding is as follows: Windows azure provides ASP. NET application hosting, and "cloud computing" is so close to us, as long as ASP.. NET application deployed on

[New portal] windows azure platform (18) creates windows azure affinity groups GEO Group windows azure Platform System

Windows azure platform articles This article describes the importance of Windows azure platform (56) Windows azure affinity groups (GEO Group ).Article. Previously, we learned that Windows

Windows azure platform (16) transition from a transitional environment to a production environment windows azure platform (10) deploy a local azure project to a cloud server

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Windows azure platform provides two deployment environments for each hosted service: the staging environment and the production environment. The web URL generated by the staging environment is composed of guid, which is usually used for testing and internal release sites. The web URL generated in the production environment can be specified by the user, wh

Windows azure platform (24) blob of Windows azure Storage Service (ii) Windows azure platform Series

Windows azure platform articles In the previous chapter, we learned that users can upload files (such as photos, word, and Excel files) to Windows azure storage blob, then, access the resource anonymously through HTTP. However, a problem occurs: WeNo access control for this resource. For enterprise application

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

user requests are sent to VM1, and then to VM2 and VM3 via VM1 's intranet IP. There are 2 drawbacks to this architecture: (1) Although the VM3 share the outbound traffic, but the VM1 of the public network inbound traffic will be very large. (2) VM1 a single point of failure, if VM1 down, the entire application platform is not available. In addition, the client underestimated the concurrent user's request and shut down the VM2 before the project went live. Only VM1 and VM3 are running througho

Windows Azure Active Directory (2) Windows Azure AD Foundation

tenants. Storing user information in Windows Azure ad is much more secure than creating and managing user databases on your own, because Windows Azure AD is absolutely world-class in the privacy of your information (otherwise Microsoft will not put so many key user information in

Windows Azure Platform Experience (2): SQL Azure

Windows Azure Platform has Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure appfabric three parts.SQL Azure is a cloud relational database. Your data: Manage anytime, anywhere. SQL

Windows azure table Storage vs. Windows SQL azure

Http:// By Jim White (Director of Training and Education uctor) Last week, my fellow Intertech colleague and Microsoft MVP, Tim star, and I presented the Windows azure bootcampFor the

[New portal] windows azure platform (19th) use Windows azure Management Portal to create web site (on) Windows Azur

Windows azure platform articles Users familiar with Windows azure know that in the past, if we wanted to deploy our existing web site to the Windows azure hosting service, we needed to do the following migration: Add

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (29) modifies Azure VM data disk capacity

system disk and data disk for this virtual machine by looking at the name of the storage account where the virtual machine resides. Such as:  As you can see, the system disk capacity of this virtual machine is 127GB and the data disk is 500GB5. Initialize the empty disk through the Windows Server Remote Desktop Connection. Such as:  6. Then we uninstall this disk through the Azure management interface    7

Windows Azure Platform Experience (1): Windows Azure

Create a Cloud service projectFirst understand the web hosting role feature, and with this feature, we create a new Web site and then host it in Windows Azure.Start Visual Studio 2010 as an administrator and create a new Azure cloud service project. Select the Windows Azure Cloud Service project template for the cloud

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