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Outside the chain in the webmaster industry in the name of the emperor, its importance to the construction of the Web site do not need to say more leaflets, stationmaster are very clear. And for the chain construction of many channels, the most stable and effective there are several friendship links. Recently, leaflets also in the Webmaster station to see a lot of links on the article, found that a lot of webmaster for the exchange of friendship links to measure some general, vague, in order to this, leaflets to their friends of the chain of opinion, share a very important but very often overlooked measurement criteria: PR output value.

For the exchange of links, a lot of webmaster will pay attention to the value of the PR is still, although Google has withdrawn from the mainland market, but because Baidu has clearly indicated that the query through the tool Baidu weight is not recognized, so for the query to come to the weight of Baidu, webmaster are more of a reference attitude, So that the PR value is still the only measure of the weight of the site.

Since the webmaster so valued the PR value, very natural PR value of the high and low also become the exchange of friends chain an important reference index, resulting in a lot of webmaster to see the PR value than their own site, the friend chain site request, will be very happy to exchange. However, whether the PR value of the higher the chain of friends the greater role?

For this question, many webmaster also raised objections, the response indicated that also need to refer to the number of export links to its website, however, the problem of leaflets found here, the webmaster for the reasonable number of export links are uncompromising, some stationmaster said more than 40, some said 50, and some even said 60. If a PR4 site has a reasonable number of exports of 40, then a PR7 site is the reasonable number of exports or 40 mody? If not, how much is it? for different PR values and export links of the site, how to measure the appropriate exchange of friends chain it?

In response to this problem, leaflets believe that the PR output value should be initiated as a measure of standards. First what is the PR output value? PR output value is to link the PR value of the site, and its simplified formula is: PR output value =PR value/outside the chain number. The formula can be found that the PR output value is proportional to the PR value of the site, and the number of export links to the site is inversely proportional, but also in line with the PR value higher, the number of export links to the more friendly chain exchange more favorable logic. So with the PR output value as a new measure, how to measure it? First, the PR output value of both sides of the site to query, as shown in the following figure


We simply through webmaster tools, input the corresponding URL can easily know the site's PR output value, then we can compare, if the site PR output value and their own almost or high can be exchanged, if the PR output value is lower, we can not consider, So we are in exchange for the PR value and the number of export links to solve the problem, the idea of natural also more clear.

Of course, for the exchange of friendship links, PR output value is not the only factor, there are included, snapshot situation, the site rankings have been the relevance of the site and so on, in this leaflet just want to tell you, if you really want to do a good link, you need to spend more time to delve into, rather than hearsay, parrot. Above content by the Internet pioneer Ye Jianhui Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

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