IIS Server Remote Publishing (Web Deploy) configuration VS2010 development environment for Windows Server 2008 Server systems

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Original: IIS server Remote Publishing (Web Deploy) configuration VS2010 Development Environment Windows Server 2008 Server System

There are three commonly used publishing methods for the ASP: Copy the published files on the development machine to the server hard disk, package the installer to the server, and publish to the server remotely through the visual Studio development platform.

During the development phase of the ASP, it is often necessary to publish the system to a server on the local area network of the developer for preview by the customer and project owner. Before it was posted on the development machine and then copied to the server for deployment

The system is updated quickly and it is cumbersome to copy files every time. Then began to study VS2010 published to the remote IIS server method, after the Internet to find relevant information and hands-on success in Windows Server 2008 completed

is a related configuration for IIS remote Publishing.

The IIS server remote configuration steps are as follows:

1. Install "Management Service" in ISS (no need to install if it exists)

1.1 Server Management-----> Roles----->web Server IIS


1.2 Click "Add role Services" in the lower right corner, and the Select "Select Role Services" dialog box appears.


1.3 Select "Manage Service" and click "Next"-----> click "Install". After the installation is complete, reopen Server Manager to see the "Manage Services" icon in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager main interface.


1.4 Open the Management Services main interface, start the remote connection, and set the connection IP address (server IP address) and port. Then, start service management.


1.5 The port number that is added to the firewall's inbound rules (if there is already a set to enable) service management.


2. Install and configure Web Deploy. Web Deploy:http://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/web-deploy

2.1 After the download is complete, open the installation package and select "Full Install" in the selection screen.


2.2 After the installation is complete, reopen Server Manager, right-click any Web site name in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager main interface, and select deploy to pop up the level two menu from the pop-up menu.


2.3 Click "Enable Web Deploy publish" in the level two menu that pops up in the previous step, pop up the "Enable Web Deploy Publish" dialog box, select a system administrator user authorization (non-Administrator account publishing may have permissions issues), set "Specify the URL of the publisher connection" The IP and port numbers in

(That is, the IP and port set in 1.4)




2.4 Click the Settings button in the Enable Web Deploy Publication dialog box. The text that appears in the results is set successfully. The configuration to this server is all done, and the next step is to release it in VS2010!


3, using VS2010 Remote publishing site

3.1 Publish dialog box settings: "Service url" is the URL of "Specify the URL of Publisher connection" in 2.3, "Web site/Application" is a Web site enabled "Web Deploy publishing" on IIS, the user name and password is the user account and password set in 2.3, select " Allow untrusted Certificates (U) "

(This must be selected, the reason I do not know, speculation is related to the Authority authentication mechanism).


3.2 Click the Publish button, vs output information about the publication.


I hope this article will bring you help.

IIS Server Remote Publishing (Web Deploy) configuration VS2010 development environment for Windows Server 2008 Server systems

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