Windows 7 personalized theme package production tutorial, Windows 7 personality

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Windows 7 personalized theme package production tutorial, Windows 7 personality

When Windows 7 appeared in PDC 2008, Everyone began to admire its dazzling interface! You know, the Windows 7 system not only adds many cool new features, but also improves the system performance, which makes Windows 7 much faster than its predecessor Vista. However, there is an interesting feature in Windows 7-the topic package, which is invisible in earlier Windows systems.

1. Enable personalized settings

Right-click the desktop and choose "personalized. In the pop-up window, we can see that Windows7 itself comes with many theme packages, in the lower-right corner of "My themes" in the first column of the window, you will see "Save theme" and "get more theme online ".

Ii. Custom selection of multiple desktop backgrounds

Click "desktop background" on the left side of the window and C: \ Users \ your USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes to delete or add wallpapers in the theme folder. In addition, we can also set the image carousel interval and whether to play in sequence. If you are using a battery, it is best to hook up the pause slide playback option.

3. Change System sound

The system sound effects can also be changed, but the operation is troublesome, and we usually do not change this setting, the system can be changed by default.

If you still want to change the system sound, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the desktop to enter the personalized window;

2. Click "sound" at the bottom to see that the default sound solution is "Windows Audio file as the system sound; 4. Do not forget to click" application "and finally confirm to exit.

4. Enable the Screen Saver

Screen Saver may have been forgotten, but try it when creating a Windows 7 theme package. Right-click the desktop-> Personalization-> screen saver, and select your favorite screen saver.

5. modify the system mouse pointer

If you want to change the mouse pointer of the system, you can implement the following two methods: (1) custom settings; (2) completely new installation. We start from two aspects.

1. How to customize mouse pointer settings

(1) Enter "main. cpl "and press Enter. (2) In the pop-up window, move the label to the" pointer "option. (3) select one you like from the" solution. 2. How to install a new mouse pointer

1) Repeat the above operations to (2 );

2) In the custom bar, select the type of the cursor you want to change, click "Browse", locate the folder where the new cursor is placed from the computer, select the appropriate cursor, and click OK;

3) do not forget to click "application" to save the solution. You can also choose "Save as" to save the SET solution.

6. Save and name a new topic

After completing the preceding steps, the last step is left. Click "Save topic" and enter the name of the topic package! Note: The saved topic package will be stored in the C: \ Users \ your USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes directory.

7. Adjust the window color and appearance

Next, we need to modify the color and appearance of the window so as to fit the wallpaper in the wall theme package, otherwise it will be very messy. Modify the color, right-click the desktop, choose personalized> window color, and slightly adjust the color to make it consistent with the color of the selected wallpaper.

The created Windows7 topic package is suffixed. theme files, rather than the theme that the third party calls to crack, greatly improve security. We can share a self-created Windows 7 topic to the Internet. After downloading Windows 7 users, you only need to double-click it to install it directly, which is both convenient and secure.

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