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Program-controlled switches are quite commonly used. So I studied the different features of the virtual network service and program-controlled switches. I would like to share them with you here and hope they will be useful to you. The virtual network service can be provided, and the programmable User Switch or group phone number can be provided. The Programmable switch can achieve the IP network of the company's branches around the world, so that each branch has no call fees.

1. Have an intranet extension number

Virtual Network businesses can provide fixed numbers), and programmable user switches or group telephones can also be provided. Programmable switches can be freely edited by number plate and department. The number can be 2-14 digits, different headers.

2. Independent external direct dialing number

The virtual network service can be provided, the programmable User Switch or the group phone number can be provided, and dedicated leased lines can be implemented. The Programmable switch can implement the leased line of the boss Secretary, and the boss can use a dedicated number, which is not available to other personnel, the secretary transfers incoming calls to filter out unnecessary harassing calls. There are many virtual network numbers, which are inconvenient to contact. You can apply for a trunk line for a programmable User Switch or group phone number to publish only one switchboard number. You can also call the same number to improve your company image, in addition, it can solve the customer loss problem caused by employee turnover. You can set one-way calls for different lines so that the advertising phone is not occupied by external calls from Internal phones and the access rate is improved.

3. billing management

The virtual network service is not available, and the Programmable switch or group phone number can be provided. The manufacturer provides free supporting billing software and management software. If the virtual network client needs to be billed, you need to purchase the virtual network linear billing manager or data leased line and software.

4. Intranet phone call restrictions

The Virtual Network Service can limit the number of calls in the network? 0%), grade activation application to the telecommunications department, completed in 7 working days, classified into international, domestic, and municipal calls. Program-controlled user switches or group telephones can provide user management software to provide at least 8 levels of management) privileged users, international users, domestic users, suburban counties, information platforms, local calls, indirect bureaus, this Council, and incoming calls. No need for professional personnel, as long as the computer can operate the management software. If a hotel uses a virtual network, the city charge cannot be controlled. In public, you cannot receive zero calls.

5. Operator Functions

The virtual network service can be implemented by a computer operator). The program-controlled User Switch or group phone can provide three-segment computer recordings without an external voice mailbox ), three-segment Computer Operator 1. Guided speech 2 ext. busy line prompt 3 no answer prompt. Customers can record as needed.

6. Single-host installation, splitting, and migration in the Network

The Virtual Network Service must apply to the telecommunications department and pay the corresponding fees. Completed in 7 working days. The personnel of the company shall install, split, and move the switches or group telephones of the program-controlled users. The switch can flexibly allocate personnel positions and increase or decrease the capacity.

7. New Functions of program-controlled business

The virtual network service can be opened. The programmable User Switch or group phone provides more than 100 program-controlled services free of charge. The various functions of the virtual network service are charged in accordance with the linear service functions, such as the display ).

8. Software and Hardware upgrades and Maintenance

The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the virtual network business. The program-controlled User Switch or the group telephone website downloads and upgrades free of charge. Special functions need to be implemented, and the switch can be customized for the customer.

9. User Investment

The Virtual Network Service pays monthly rental fee to the telecommunications department based on the number of single-host services, and the communication fee is settled by Single-host service. A program-controlled switch or group phone number is configured with a trunk line based on the switch capacity of/. The monthly rental fee is paid based on the number of trunk lines, and the call fee is settled by each trunk line. The Virtual Network Service monthly rental fee ranges from 5 to 25 RMB/month. You can purchase a program-controlled switching device with a monthly line rental fee of six to two years. The service life of the device is generally 10 years, and the device property rights are granted, in the future, you will only pay a small monthly rent, and generally the network telephone fee is 0.15 yuan/minute for access to the IP network phone, without monthly rent) the switch can automatically identify the dial number for local selection, long-distance calls automatically go through the IP network, which greatly reduces the call cost.

Daily calls for external calls Virtual Network: because of the high number of calls for external calls, user switches: the use of strict internal control calls is very low.
Virtual Network: (generally, the cost is much higher in the later stage) User Switch: The cost is very low in the later stage)
After the investment, the property of the device is virtual network: The property of the device is owned by the telephone Bureau.
Add any internal functions and internal telephone Virtual Network: requires the telephone Bureau to apply for a fee) User Switch: enterprises can solve the problem at any time without fees)

10. Orientation

If a virtual network service uses a carrier, it cannot use the networks of other carriers. The switch or group phone number of a program-controlled user can be connected by multiple operators at the same time, and corresponding affordable services can be selected according to the preferential policies of operators. China Netcom and China tietong have advantages in terms of charges. The China Telecom line can be used to bring users into the leased line, and the China Netcom and China tietong lines are the outgoing leased lines.

11. Call Management Control

The Virtual Network Service cannot control the use of phone bills, and the municipal phone bills cannot be printed. It cannot be seen whether employees use private or official phone numbers. A program-controlled switch or group phone number can implement various telephone charges management, deposit management, card number management, and can be queried at any time, multiple query methods are available, such as query of ultra-long call records, monthly queries, quarterly queries, and annual queries ). You can query the start time and end time of each call. You can call up a detailed list of all calls from the start time to the present as needed, and record all incoming calls.

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