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It sounds like Google is planning to make more important changes to their algorithms this year to improve search quality and eliminate garbage results, although not as large as Panda update. So how should SEO tutorials be prepared?

In order to find the answer, I consulted a few SEO experts on the recent report. Those reports say Google might consider tweaking the rankings that contain some keyword domain names, possibly favouring "brand" sites if they are more relevant.

  More than Panda

On February 24, Google announced that panda update was applied to the Internet, a new algorithm. After that, we recorded which sites were hit hardest, which sites were hurt, and Google tried to accept feedback about the change algorithm. We also look at why sites fall and future link-building strategies, and Google recommends removing low-quality content and some overall strategy.

 But "Dance" is not over.

Matt Cutts,google, chief engineer, told San Jose Mercury News that Google was "trying to improve search quality by looking for other changes over the remainder of the year." It is clear that there is room for low quality content improvement, or to reward higher quality content. ”

Often, Google does not show what they are focusing on or when these changes will be implemented. But in the latest YouTube video, Cutts may reveal some to the SEO guys.

 Reduce the weight of keyword domain name

What Google seems to be focusing on is the ranking of keyword domain names. One from this video?? Cutts's references deserve attention:

"Now if you're still on the fence, let me give you a little color, we've looked at the rankings and weights we give keyword names, and some people complain that we've given too much weight to the keywords in the domain name," Cutts said. "So we think about tweaking and using algorithms to change that, so it's not necessary to choose a domain name that contains the keywords given two different domain names." ”

For analysis and looking ahead, let's look at the experts.

 SEO Strategy Meeting

Google does not make much of a difference in keywords about domain names, because they want to make sure their company's brand is ranked, although there are other signals to help, as Simon Heseltine says.

"If you do things the right way, build good architecture and inhale quality-related links, there's no need to worry about this change," Heseltine said. "If your strategy is based on keywords in the domain name, then you may want to start working with a new strategy." ”

"Catfish" Comstock, chairman of Stone Temple Consulting, Eric Enge and Businessonline senior search consultant, said the whole problem was the artificial weight given to the stroke text. The value of the domain name highlighted by using a keyword is that each time someone uses your URL to link to your site you get the keyword highlighting text.

"The result is that the publisher gets a lot of perfectly natural, highly optimized strokes, but it does repeat the unfair advantage," Enge said. "Google's going to tweak it makes sense, but I think they'll find it difficult to deal fairly." ”

"The board will implement this change, and Google will reduce the strength of the keyword highlighting text," Comstock added, adding that he thought it was a good change after all. "This will be good news for most companies and even some small markets," he said. ”

Audettemedia's chairman and Ceo,adam Audette also believe that this change will benefit the usual SEO strategy by limiting the effectiveness of the domain name with the LOAD keyword containing the associated characters. However, he did not want to include this way of being demoted to the status of the right.

"They have been quite harmonious and not a very powerful signal, and everything has been taken into account," Audette said, "But when searchers browse the results and find the scent of information, they do benefit from a general correlation,"

Finally, Audette believes Google is thinking about what users want to see and how it affects their search experience.

"I think the terms that match exactly in the domain look rubbish, especially if they are hyphenated," he said. "This may not make it a good user experience, especially for advanced users, even for ordinary web users." "With hyphen domain name first, followed by keyword + top adjective (i.e.,best,top,etc.), Vizion interactive SEO expert Josh McCoy forecast.

"Google's outward focus on this is a very unfair move because many corporate brand names contain keywords but no other intent," McCoy said. "If Google really wants to pull down those sites drastically, we'll accept resumes from people who used to work" domianers ". ”

So it seems that Google is going to continue to move in a clear direction to resist those websites with shortcut keys.

 of branding

Google seo?? Eric?? Schmidt called the Internet a cesspool in 2008, and said "branding is the solution, and branding is the way you are chosen to be a sump." "Since then, Google has been increasingly biased by the idea of owning a great brand, especially when it starts highlighting the brand name associated with the search query and the first time it is suggested that Google's instant results on the 21st to 26th letters of the alphabet are brand."

In the discussion of Panda update, Google called's custom sites such as Irs,wikipedia and The New York Times are of high quality. The report shows that big spam sites seem to have been a collection of traffic and have seen the addition of extra billion this year since the updated tax.

In the same video, Cutts supports branding benefits, using examples such as Twitter, Zynga, Facebook, and Yahoo, which have created great brands despite not using domain names in their domain names.

Mark Jackson, of Vizion Interactive, said that since Vince Update (2009), he believed that Google was raising more trustworthy sites (i.e, "big brand") and removing sites that lacked trust (subordinate agencies).

For example, search "credit cards" shows many unknown company websites, each using the keyword "credit cards" in the domain name. Today, your search for "credit cards" will find big companies hogging Google's top 10 (,,, etc.) instead of (owned by Bankrate) and (also owned by Bankrate).

"Successful search engine optimization is not just based on previous effectiveness, nor is it effective, but focused on" If I am Google "and tend to this," Jackson said. "When a keyword-rich domain name has value – it's obvious that it doesn't indicate the degree of concentration on that Topic/keyword, but how much value does it have?"

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