"Graphic TCP/IP" reading notes (ii)

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"Graphic TCP/IP" reading notes (ii)

The main reading this week is the third chapter of the book-the data link.
Of course, from some point of view, I think this chapter is one of the most basic content of computer network. The entire chapter describes the role of the data link layer and related technologies, mainly describing the Ethernet, wireless communications, PPP, public network and some other data link some of the details of the technology.
Because I have already studied the relevant computer network courses, therefore, no longer detailed records of the entire reading, a lot of let me break through the previous thinking of some knowledge, I pick some listed below.
In fact, this knowledge takes a few minutes, a few hours, you can get, or look at the Internet will be more than this book updated technology, but sometimes I am shocked not the knowledge itself, but the speed of technological development, as well as the need to update knowledge.

1. Database-related Technologies

1.mac Address (MAC address is 48 bits long, can be divided into four parts)
Perhaps once thought MAC address must not repeat, in some cases, in fact, MAC address can be duplicated, as long as not the same network segment can be.
2. Shared Media Network (contention mode, token delivery mode)
3. Non-shared media network (full-duplex, half-duplex, VLAN)
4. Loop detection technology (Spanning tree mode, source routing method)

2. Ethernet

1. Connection mode (Shared media type, terminal exclusive cable (new))
2. Classification of Ethernet (each standard and desired speed, and the wire used)
3. History of Ethernet (802.1~802.22)
4. Ethernet Frame Format (note the corresponding protocol and number)

3. Wireless communication

1. Types of wireless communication (PAN, LAN, man, WAN)
2.ieee802.11 Standard (Protocol Group)
3. Bluetooth, WiMAX


1. Definition: Point-to-point, one-to-one computer communication protocol
2.LCP vs. NCP (PPP-level connection)
3.PPPoE (Note frame format)

5. Other data links

1.ATM (Connection-oriented, permissions)

6. Public network, VPN

1. Analog Telephone Line
2. Cable TV
5. Public Wireless LAN
6. Line

I have listed every point of knowledge that I think I need to know, understand, and know. This is a method of reading, especially reading such technical books, some knowledge of their own is actually understood, and even some of the knowledge has already been practiced. After a quick reading of a paragraph, the knowledge points listed, back to a review. Grasp some important but unfamiliar content to consolidate and re-understand.
At the end of chapter three, I wrote two words in the book:
Knows more people, less detailed, reading if all this version superficial understanding, it is a waste of time.
Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.
"Graphic TCP/IP" in accordance with the plan has been read more than half, some of the content still need to look back, some need to think deeply, most hate the recent time too little, can not concentrate on the study of one or two books, accumulated something to write one or two worth reading text.

"Graphic TCP/IP" reading notes (ii)

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