How to install XP, 2003 under Windows Vista

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Windows Vista computer users, because it involves game compatibility issues, or programming problems, and so on, often need to install a dual system, or even multiple systems, so many friends, asked the question, how to install Windows Vista System under Windows XP Or Windows 2003?

This problem, the main need to solve, C disk already has Windows Vista system, want to install Windows XP or Windows 2003 in other partitions, such as D disk f disk G disk H disk and so on above ...

Don't worry, this question extremely easy, take:

The first step, the purpose of this step, is to start the Windows Vista system under the Multiple boot menu, to install a new XP or 2003 system ready. Under Windows Vista system, download and run Vista optimizer first (click here to download) to open the Vista optimizer master, using the following steps:

1, click on the left "system settings"

2, click the following "System startup Settings"

3, click on the right side of the "multi-System Selection"

4, click the "Add" below, detailed see the figure below--

5, click Add, will come out a dialog box, select the system type for others, the system name where you want to display in the boot menu text, such as: "Windows XP" or "Windows Server 2003", as shown in the following figure:

6, I put the system name of the previous step to "Windows Server 2003" (You are arbitrarily set to Windows 2010 are OK, as long as you understand, hehe), click OK, you just added the new system appears in the Vista Optimization Master's window, the next time the boot, This will appear in your computer boot up menu, of course, we are only the first step to prepare to start, you have not installed a new operating system. Vista optimization Master below There are backup and restore buttons that are used to back up your computer startup menu settings. You can select the system list of each system, click "Set as the default startup", which can be used as a computer boot system after the default, of course, in the case of you did not make system selection, wait 30 seconds after the default. By the way, the operating system chooses the wait time, and you can make changes in the Vista master, typically by default of 30 seconds.

This is the first step to complete the victory, in fact, is very simple.

The second step is to take out Windows XP or Windows 2003 CD-ROM, start the computer, and install it with a CD. You choose D in the first step, and you are installed in D-plate. In short, it's the same as the new system position you selected in the first step.

After you have installed Windows XP or Windows 2003 in D-Disk (for example, D), you are ready to install the updates and drivers as you please. You can also set up virtual memory and Windows Vista in the same partition.

So, let's go to the key steps! Open your eyes and look:

1, in your Windows XP or 2003 system, change Folder Options, let the system display hidden files and hidden system files, your C-disk NTLDR This file, copy to your Windows XP or Windows 2003 in the disk Fugen directory, this article, We use the example in D disk, and you copy the Ntldr file (that is, copy) to the root directory of D disk.

2, insert Windows Vista CD-ROM, and then, open "Run" (start), enter Cmd.exe and run, enter the command line program.

3, Input x: (x represents your CD drive letter).

4. Input CD Boot

5, input Bootsect/nt60 SYS

Thoroughly completed. OK, below, take out your boot CD, start it with your hard drive directly, and see if the Multiple System boot menu appears? Just choose Windows Vista or your Windows xp/2003, and you can start up normally.

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