How to solve the problem of unlimited restart of win10 upgrade; unlimited restart and rollback of win10; unlimited restart of win10

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How to solve the problem of unlimited restart of win10 upgrade; unlimited restart and rollback of win10; unlimited restart of win10

For the purpose of a Unified Version, win10 has been pushing Upgrade Notifications this year. The free upgrade policy for win7 and win8 has also enabled a large number of users to make reservation and upgrade; I believe that the first users who upgrade after the release will be the earliest in win's history. Unfortunately, there should be no fewer unlucky users like xiaobian.

The mini-editor is preinstalled with win7 SP1 32-bit Home Edition, but has not received the push today, it is really unbearable to go to the website to get a corresponding ISO file, and has undergone MD5 detection. Start the ISO File Installation with a virtual optical drive in win7. The file copying, hardware installation, and driver processes are all normal and continue until the last step of win10 installation is automatically configured. After the blue screen reports an error, the system restarts automatically.

I was not worried about the small series. If I tried the preview version before, I would return to win7 if it was not successful. But this time I couldn't enter the system at all, I would restart it again, and I didn't have the chance to roll back. That is, I kept restarting the book, it's a bit dumb.

I tried to enter the BIOS, press and hold the blue key on the thindpad keyboard, and then press F1 to enter the bios settings.

In bios settings, select the top config, select SATA controller, and press enter to change AHCI mode to compatible mode. For example, save the bios configuration and restart.

The next win10 startup will directly report that the startup device cannot be found. It doesn't matter. Shut down and restart. Enter the BIOS and change it back to the original configuration. Save the configuration and exit. The next win10 startup will enter the repair mode.

Select advanced options> troubleshooting> advanced options. On the displayed page, select the last item and roll back to the previous version.

In the next window, confirm to roll back to the previous version. The system starts to roll back. When the system prompts that the computer is restarting, restart the computer manually (the system does not seem to be restarted automatically)

After the restart, win10 will be rolled back to win7 or win8 according to the version before the upgrade. The process will last for 10-30 minutes according to different configurations.

For the first time, I felt that the windows in windows were so beautiful that the system was saved and the data was saved. As for Windows 10, I Can't upgrade it. Subsequent additions: as described on the Microsoft website, in the case of an unlimited restart, when the status of the third step of the editor is in the picture, press and hold the power key to shut down and the next Startup will automatically enter the repair status, that is, you can directly go to step 1 of the mini-Editor without modifying the bios.


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