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Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS server) is an Internet file and application server included in the Microsoft Windows NT server operating system. IIS server version 4.0 is packed with Windows NT 4.0 options and can be shipped through free downloads or on a CD-ROM. It is also included in all new Windows NT versions.

In IIS 5.0, we bring an NNTP Server, which is easy to set and can satisfy everyone's needs. Our company also uses this cutting-edge method, but it cannot set too many access control policies, many discussion groups that are unwilling to be made public cannot be hidden, but you must know that with 2000, everything becomes too simple because of NTFS.
Test environment:

Run NNTP Service on Windows 2000 Server

Create a discussion group adam. test in IIS 5.0

After the discussion group is created, the adam \ test directory will be generated under \ Inetpub \ nntpfile \ root, however, you only need to set the NTFS permissions for these two directories to control each discussion group. However, you must first perform the following operations:

IIS 5.0 Internet Service Manager-$ # @ 62; default NNTP virtual server-$ # @ 62; Attribute-$ # @ 62; access-$ # @ 62; cancel "Allow Anonymous"

Create an adam group in IIS 5.0 and put the corresponding users in the group.

Set the permissions of the adam \ test directory to System (F) and adam (F), so that other users cannot access the discussion group, and the adam group can post and view posts as usual.

However, you must set it on your IIS 5.0 client.

Take Outlook Express as an example: Create a newsgroup account and view its attributes-$ # @ 62; server-$ # @ 62; this server needs to be logged on-$ # @ 62; enter the user name and password.

Here, we will explain the knowledge of IIS 5.0 today.

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