IIS7.0 improvements: core improvements

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After recognizing IIS, we all look forward to the emergence of IIS7.0. Windows Server OS integrates Web service software: Internet Information Services, 2003 is integrated with 6.0, and 2008 is integrated with 7.0. The following is the description of IIS7.0 in the 2008 publicity document:

IIS7.0 Improvement

Dear Microsoft Web Server software, it has been revised several times to Windows Server 2008. For the first time, IIS7.0 was completely made public and completely component-you can only install the components you need, so it is lighter, more responsive and less vulnerable to attacks.

The IIS7.0 management interface is completely redesigned. Core improvements include:

* Brand new component structure

For the first time in IIS7.0 history, the Administrator tried to fully control which parts of IIS are installed and run at a specific time. You can run the specific services you need.

In this way, the system will be safer, easier to manage, and better program execution. FastCGI support means that PHP and other runtime languages are quickly executed. This function is not available before the Windows host is installed.

* Flexible scaling Mode

IIS7.0 allows developers to enter a brand new APIs package-they can communicate directly with IIS7.0S, making it easier to develop and customize modules. Developers can even access internal structures, scripts, or even log on to and manage IIS7.0 domains-many channels have been opened for trial administrators and third-party software vendors to expand IIS functionality.

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