Install and use glassfish

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Install and use glassfish

Glassfish is an open source supported by Sun MicrosystemCommunityIt refers to open-source communities such as Apache and eclipse and implements all the functions of Java ee 5 through opensource. Sun's Java System Application PE 9 and Java ee 5 sdks are based on glassfish. For more functions of glassfish, refer to the aquarium (AQUARIUM ).

Using free time, install glassfish and the corresponding Eclipse plug-in.

1. Download glassfish and its Eclipse plug-in

Download from the glassfish download site. Currently, the stable version is milestone 7. Different platforms have different versions. Pay attention to your operating system.

Download the eclipse WTP plug-in from the glassfish plugin download site. Currently, there are two versions: milestone 0.2.1 support eclipse 3.1.x and WTP 1.0 +, and milestone 0.3 supports eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5. Pay attention to your eclipse version and download the correct plug-in.

2. Install the glassfih and Eclipse plug-ins.

The downloaded glassfish is a jar file. You need to run this jar to install it:Java-xmx256m-jar filename. jar.After installation, run the command in the glassfish directory.Ant-F setup. xml. JDK 5 and ant 1.6.2 are required to install glassfish (after installation, glassfish includes ant 1.6.2, under the \ glassfish \ ant \ lib directory ). For detailed installation steps, refer to here.

The Eclipse plug-in simply needs to be decompressed to the eclipse installation directory. For detailed installation steps, refer to here.

3. Use glassfish in eclipse

First, configure glassfish in eclipse WTP. Refer to my configuration steps:

Figure 1 install the glassfish Runtime Environment

Figure 2 configure the glassfish SDK and Directory

Figure 3 Add a new glassfish Server

Figure 4 configure the address and port of the glassfish server (use the default value)

Figure 5 add a web project to the server

Figure 6 configuration page and Server View of the glassfish Server

Figure 7 glassfish is correctly started on the console

Conclusion: The overall installation and configuration are relatively easy, and the Eclipse plug-in does not have much support for WTP. Glassfish can be used together with eclipse as another configurable Java EE development environment.

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