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1. Install the Apache + MySQL + PhP combination Kit
Download greenamp 050123, decompress it to a directory, and double-click 'set path. BAT file, and then double-click "Start greenamp. bat "file to start Apache and MySQL services. If" port 80 "is in use, change Apache port 80 to another one (in the greenamp \ apache \ conf directory, set the file httpd. change 80 in conf to another port number, for example, 1080, and change "$ Port = 80;" to "$ Port = 1080;" in the geting_started.php file in the greenamp directory ;".

2. Install bugfree

Greenamp already comes with phpMyAdmin. You can use http: // localhost: 1080/PHPmyAdmin/(Note: Because the default port 80 is changed to 1080, you need to add 1080) to manage the database, the default username is root, and the password is empty. After entering the page, the image is not displayed normally, you can modify the configuration file config in the greenamp \ www \ phpMyAdmin \ directory. inc. change $ cfg ['pmaabsoluteuri '] of PHP to your own URL, for example, "$ cfg ['pmaabsoluteuri'] = 'HTTP: // localhost: 1080/PHPmyAdmin/'; ", do not change the other. Create a database:

2.1 create a database

Create a database named bugfree. You can use the command line to create an ECS instance. The command is as follows:
Mysql> Create Database bugfree;
You can also use phpMyAdmin to create this database.
2.2 assign access permissions to the bugfree database. The root account can be used by default.
The command line is as follows:
Mysql> grant all privileges on bugfree. * To username @ localhost identified by 'Password' with grant option;
Replace username and passowrd with your own username and password respectively.
You can also use phpMyAdmin to create this database.
2.3 create tables

2.3.1 use phpMyAdmin.
Select the bugfree library, select SQL, and then select bugfree. SQL under the bugfree \ document \ directory to execute it.
2.3.2 use command line

Copy the bugfree. SQL file under the document directory to a directory on your server.
Mysql-u username-P password bugfree <path/bugfree. SQL
Replace the username and password with the username and password you just set. Bugfree. SQL must be written as the complete path.
2.4 access the bugfree \ install. PHP page and generate the configbug. Inc. php file.
Visit the page, fill in a prompt on the page, generate a configuration file for bugfree, save it to the include directory, and name it the configbug. Inc. php file.
2.5 modify the configuration file bugfree \ include \ configbug. Inc. php.
Follow the instructions in the bugfree parameter configuration file to configure the parameter file. The system automatically creates an admin account with a password of 123456 and uses the Administrator account to log on, click "manage" in the upper right corner of the page to go to background management. Create a project and module, add a user group, and add a user.

2.6 configure the automatic mail program

2.6.1 description of the timer Script Function
There are four script programs in shell, including noticebug. php, noticebug. Sh, statbug. php, and statbug. Sh.
The noticebug script is used to send emails to relevant personnel every day to notify each person of the number of bugs pending for processing.
Statbug is generally used on Monday to send a message to relevant personnel to report the bug statistics of the previous week.
2.6.2 call Method
The functions of noticebug. php and noticebug. Sh are the same, but they are executed in different ways. The same is true for statabug.
. Php script execution method:
Your/path/to/PHP your/path/to/noticebug. php
For example, D: \ PHP \ php.exe D: \ bugfree \ shell \ noticebug. php
The script ending with. Sh is only used on the Linux platform. before using it, you must add the File Execution permission:
# Chmod 700 noticebug. Sh
Then execute the command directly.
2.6.3 modify the read and write permissions of the shell directory.
In Linux, you can run the CHMOD 700 shell-R command to cancel the read and write permissions of other users, or you can move the shell directory out of the website directory, prevent other users from directly accessing this directory through a browser.
2.6.4 modify the user name and password.
Open a script file and set a user name and password on the bugfree.
2.6.5 create a Timer Program
Linux platform is built through the cron program.
On Windows, the timer program is used.
Our application example: noticebug is executed at every morning, and statbug is executed at every Monday noon.
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