Kali Linux to see the Goddess Internet privacy (ettercap+wireshark+zenmap +dsniff)

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Bored to play, do not do some bad things yo ~ ~ Online There are some articles about Kali Linux, on the actual combat. Kali is used by Debian.

If you are in the same wifi as the goddess.

IP Scanner

Kali virtual machine under the link external USB wireless card, virtual machine step support built-in wireless network card

Terminal input echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward IP forwarding to ensure the Goddess's normal internet access

Terminal input Zenmap

Then open a terminal, enter ETTERCAP-G

Select Nic Wlan0

Click Hosts-->scan Scan Host, click on the hosts list to get the host listing

Goddess IP set to target 1, router IP set to target 2

Set the middleman, insert the 3rd person!

Then sniff and make sure

Start sniffing.

Open a terminal, enter Driftnet-i wlan0 wait for the picture

Then open a terminal, enter Urlsnarf-i Wlan0 listen to the Goddess visited the Web log, waiting to get

Open a terminal, enter Wireshark, and grab the packet.

Here is the image of the captured goddess and the log of pages viewed. The Web page can be opened.

In addition, Ettercap can also obtain a cookie, import Google Browser can be password-free access to the Web.

Kali Linux to see the Goddess Internet privacy (ettercap+wireshark+zenmap +dsniff)

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