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For the safe mode of Windows operating system, friends who often use the computer are certainly not unfamiliar, safe mode is the special mode that Windows uses to repair operating system error, is a kind of the minimal system environment that does not load any drive, starts the computer in Safe mode, can easy the user eliminates the problem, fixes the error, This is also convenient for everyone to explain the safe mode of the meaning of the user.

Enter Safe Mode by starting the computer, pressing the F8 key (or holding down the CTRL key while the computer is starting), and selecting "Safe Mode" in the Startup options menu that appears, that is, you can start the computer in Safe mode before the system enters the Windows splash screen. So what exactly is the purpose of safe mode? Let's take a specific look at the following.

1, repair system failure

If Windows is running unstable or does not start properly, then do not focus on the system, try to restart the computer and switch to Safe mode to boot, and then restart the computer, the system has returned to normal? This method is very effective if the system fails due to a problem with the registry, because Windows automatically fixes the registry problem when it starts in safe mode, and when you start Windows successfully in Safe mode, you can normally start in normal mode.

2. Restore System Setup

If the user is installing new software or has changed some settings, causes the system not to start normally, also needs to enter the safe mode to solve, if is installs the new software to cause, please uninstall the software in the Safe mode, if is changes some settings, for example displays the resolution setting to exceed the display scope, causes the black screen, Then enter safe mode can be changed back, and the screen saver with a password on the "Boot" menu, forget the password, resulting in the operation of the computer does not work, you can enter the Safe mode changes.

3. Delete Stubborn documents

When we delete some files or purge the contents of the Recycle Bin under Windows, the system sometimes prompts the words "so-and-so is being used, cannot be removed", interestingly, these files are not being used, so will they always occupy our hard drive? Please do not worry, restart the computer, and press the F8 key to enter Safe mode at startup, try to remove those stubborn files and empty the Recycle Bin to look, no! It turns out that Windows has abandoned the protection of these files and can delete them.

4. Complete removal of virus

Now virus day more than a day, anti-virus software also follow every day update. However, in normal Windows mode, sometimes it is not clean and thorough removal of the virus, because they are very likely to cross infection, and some anti-virus programs can not run in DOS, at this time we can also boot system to safe mode, so that Windows only load the most basic driver, It would be more thorough and cleaner to kill the virus.

5. Defragmentation of disk

Other programs are not allowed to run during defragmentation, because the defragmenter automatically restarts whenever other programs do disk read and write, and normally when you start Windows normally, the system loads programs that start automatically, and sometimes these programs are not easily closed manually. Often interferes with Defragmenter, in which case we should restart the computer to enter Safe mode, Safe mode does not start any automatic startup program, can ensure the smooth defragmentation of the disk.

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