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MicrosoftWindows Mobile Device Center6.1 released the latest version in June 6.VistaDevelop the PPC (or wince device) program. download and install the program. After the program is started, the interface is really dazzling, which is similar to the style of the media center. However, the program I developed with vs2005 still cannot communicate with my PPC through this program. I don't know if it is not installed.Mobile5.0 why does the SDK work? In either caseVistaOn the platform, you can use it to access files on my PPC.

Figure 1: The initial interface looks dazzling.

Figure 2: Connection configuration is no different from ActiveSync

Figure 3: Connection established

Figure 4: Synchronization Center in the control panel

Figure 5: connectedDevice CenterMain Interface

Figure 6: This is the file directory on PPC. Note that it is different from ActiveSync.

Figure 7: This is a PPC memory file.WindowsThe folder is missing!

Figure 8: the device cannot be connected with vs2005.

Mobile Device Center6.1 of: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx? Familyid = 46f72df1-e46a-4a5f-a791-09f07aaa1914 & displaylang = ZH-CN


Note: It is my negligence that vs2005 and vs2005 can now be used together. I did not confirm the execution of related programs in PPC!

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