Photoshop processes cloudy photos into azure skies

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I would like to take a blue sky and deep blue sea level, the result, found that the sky is not only blue, and still in the rain, the heart is cold half, but since all have come, tube it what day, take a photo, said, took a bunch of photos home, then began to tidy up the photos, see a piece of gray gray secretly sky, the heart also followed by gray up. Although the weather is not good, but fortunately the clouds are still very beautiful, it has to rely on Photoshop to remedy the day, see how to turn the gray sky into blue skies.

Open the Layers panel, add the "Level adjustment layer", and move the middle control bar to the left, highlight the photo and change the layer blending mode to "overlay" to increase the contrast of the photo.

Add "Color balance adjustment layer", crazy to add blue and red light, and then change the layer blending mode to "color increment", the sky color increase.

Select the two layer, press Ctrl+g to change the two layer to the same group, add "layer mask", cover up the bottom, keep the sky good.

Add "Color balance adjustment layer", add green light in, this side as long as the attention of the mountain part, after the new "layer shading film", will cover up and down, only keep the part of the mountain is good.

Add "Color balance adjustment layer", add red and yellow, this side just pay attention to the part of the beach, after the new "layer shading film", will cover up the beach above.

New "curve adjustment layer", respectively, in the bright dark side of the new control points, and increase, improve the brightness of the screen.

In fact, the basic has been done here. If the sky is not ideal enough, you can add a "color balance adjustment layer", add a little red, blue, let the blue sky offset Point red, and then change the layer blending mode to "overlay".


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