Problems encountered during VC debugging

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When debugging audio and video image transmission, I encountered such a strange problem. The general process is as follows:

1. The original project file is in the D:/avio folder.

2. As a major change to the project file is required, the results are unpredictable. copy the file to D:/avio_backup for backup.

3. Use D:/avio_backup for modification. However, after debugging, I found that the process is incorrect. I used this project file as well as vc6.0. I suspect that the debugger is faulty during source code debugging. I modified a file, but I found that the file in D:/avio_backup is not changed. Strange !!?? Which file is modified? Looking back at similar situations, I found the file in D:/avio, and the project file in this folder was changed.

4. To test and debug whether the project file in D:/avio_backup is referenced in D:/avio, I compress the project in D:/avio and change the position.

5. debug D:/avio_backup again. When the file is debugged, a window prompting "not found in source file XXX" is displayed, which is displayed as an assembly. After reading this, the debugger prompts that the file that cannot be found is under the current folder.

6. Then I chose "build" --> "batch build" to clear all the original *. OBJ files and re-compile the entire project. In this way, the problem does not occur.

7. then I want each source file to correspond to one *. OBJ, compiled *. OBJ should contain the path information of the source file so that the debugger can find the source file. however, due to the backup of the entire project file, *. OBJ still contains the path information of the previous source file. At least re-compile the entire project.


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