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I once thought, how can I design a different product?

A little more beautiful interface? Interactive more convenient point? Function more powerful point? I always fall into such a contradiction, but I can't do it.

Until occasionally heard a company a product director, wrote more than 1500 clients use analysis, I suddenly relieved.

Don't tangle too much, just study it carefully.


Work these years, the harvest is not out of what products, but in the face of a new product, in the brain quickly form its implementation plan.

Internet products are mostly interlinked, experience is also reflected in this, but also efforts to control not to be limited by experience, after all, experience will often restrict inspiration and creativity.


Although in the wireless internet industry for 5 years, but this is really the first time I do client products.

I once said to my friends, "NetEase application" is the first client I designed, but they do not believe, but it is true.


Knowledgeable brothers know that there is no threshold for domestic product posts. Often have editor or operation Friend told me, he changed careers to make products.

I also once with headhunting ridicule, there are so many products to do the brother, anyone can do, please do not call me again.

The reason why there is no threshold, because no matter who, are able to put forward their views, coupled with a number of similar products, pick a few, find a PRD template set, even if the product plan.


Although I know this rule, but also came through, but I am fortunate that the university so far, I have been maintaining the interest and enthusiasm for the product.

I have seen Sina's design of the "dream NBA" intact copy of the past, but also have their own ears to hear others ridicule "NetEase application" client is actually no different from the App store.

For better or for worse, I never stopped moving because of other people's doubts.


One day I told a few brothers that we had to find out the difference with our peers, otherwise we could be replaced.

But this difference is really hard to find, I just think in this situation, who think about the product in-depth, who can dig the details more thoroughly, that even a small scale victory.

Do you need a gift? Need. But I think this is more in character, must be able to tolerate their own overthrow, jump out to see their own work.

If other people have objections, in the face of the rebuttal, it is necessary to seriously consider whether there is merit in the back, can not be complacent.

The innovation in this industry is mostly micro-innovation, which is to improve on the basis of others, if properly improved, it is a large-scale victory.


I quit from NetEase has been full 1 months, before, although responsible for a period of netease application projects, but the time is too short, still count merely.

Only to NetEase application iphone client, still difficult to give up, after all, the current version, every detail, have been my hashed.

Design of the entire process, reference to the hundreds similar applications, experienced countless times self-denial, excited, confused, disappointed.

Thinking now, there are still a variety of problems, but the overall is still satisfactory.


Always want to write a blog, NetEase application of the process of client record down, and share the feeling, but has been lazy.

While many have not forgotten, let's write a little bit.

[1] Join the team

Probably last December, I was still working in the mobile Dream Network, Peng Yi called me and asked if I was thinking of job-hopping, I said I could. So he threw me a few propositions:

1, the current user needs the most market should have what functions;

2, for the future of mobile phone industry market development, will go to what direction;

3, to give you a project to occupy the market market, you will develop what kind of products to deal with this demand;

Coincidentally, I had a similar thought before, so I quickly returned to the email to him:

For example, the mobile phone industry market, the trend is that the number of apps is more and more, but the problem is that these applications can not be effectively recommended, high-quality applications are not easy to filter.

Given the "user needs most" feature, it is easy to think of some of the problems that often occur around you:

A. Do you have a good application to share?

B. What's the name of the application you're pretending to be?

C. Recommend some of your commonly used applications?

Whether it's official Market (such as the app Store, Android Market, Symbian ovistore, etc.) or some unofficial Market (such as Getjar, Appsfire, and so on, the homogenization of serious, are in the form of the official app to the user directly, they have a common function is nothing more:

A. Category List

B. List

C. Search

D. Personalized display (such as special Recommendations, limited)

These market can not solve the so-called "user" mentioned the problem, so based on user needs, market in addition to the official recommendation, but also should be recommended by users; These recommendations may not be the user's initiative to push, but through the terminal scan the user installed applications to obtain.

I think a friend's recommended app is easier to install than an official recommended app.

This basically has the following functions:

A. Hook up with the user's address book to find the same terminal;

B. A timed scan of the app installed by the user;

C. To count the frequency of users ' use of installed apps;

D. Establish user interaction network and share information according to the Address Book (or account number);

With similar market, it is easy to know which apps are installed by friends, which use the highest frequency, and most importantly, it can be installed directly in market, which will help to screen and promote app.

So for the answers to these 3 questions, I will briefly summarize the following:

1, the user for the app sharing function;

2, in-depth integration of user statistics on the use of the app;

3, I do not know the concept of the cottage here, but the market is actually low-end users of the market. And as far as I know, the low-end user care, more is the skin, ringtones, friends play what content; so the product focus is to consider how to combine this piece of content with market.

This is the full text of the message at that time, never changed. Looking back at this email, I am glad that the original idea and the subsequent determination of the plan and practice have not been offset, it is very rare.

Because the application store voted me good, in and Peng Yi again after communication, I joined the team at the end of February this year, back to NetEase (I worked in 09 NetEase), responsible for client building. At that time in addition to Peng Yi, there are my former leadership Shuanghe classmate, and soon joined the hardware talent bubble classmate.

Generally speaking, the early stage of the production of our application platform to take the social recommendation of the program, but to step in stages, gradually achieve the goal.

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