"Latex" Latex small white Primer (2)--how to use. bib file to automatically generate paper reference

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In the postgraduate stage of academic children's shoes are likely to come into contact with latex This paper format editing tools, generally when the paper submissions, most journals and conferences will give a latex template, require you to edit your paper in Latex. pdf version. The latex little white here does not refer to the reader, but to myself. Only to start using Latex, team inside the only latex of the sister-in-law has graduated say goodbye, and I even how to compile the run will not. Helpless paper to vote, had to "gig", adhering to the "where not to check where" spirit, completed several papers from Word to latex transplant, now also can be "swish" to complete a format modification. So, to record the process of get to some of the latex commonly used skills, hoping to give less latex children's shoes a little help. Little woman Caishuxueqian, if there is a wrong place to write, though to hit me. Email:[email protected]

How to use. bib file to automatically generate thesis reference

The latex template that is given to a general journal or conference comes with a reference style, so you can use the. bib file to automatically generate the reference style under the template. Here is an example of how to build a. bib file by quoting the following three papers, and then automatically generate reference using the. bib file.

Citation paper:

1. Generate the. bib File

(1) Create a new. txt file;

(2) Open Google Scholar and search for documents you want to cite;

For example, the first article "Captcha:using Hard AI problems for security" search results are as follows, click " reference ";

Next come out such interface, click "BibTeX";

Finally come out the following code, copy it to the. txt file .

(3) Repeat the above action until the above code for all references is copied to a. txt file, and the resulting. txt file is shown below:

(4) Save . txt files as. bib Files .

2.Latex references

For example, the reference styles in the latex template I used are defined in the ieeetran.cls (. cls file for the Latex format definition file)in the Templates folder. The. bib file that I generated is named Ref.bib and is also placed in the template folder, and you need to refer to the following two lines of code in the body of the code:

\bibliographystyle{ieeetran} %ieeetran defines the file name for the given template format
\BIBLIOGRAPHY{REF} %ref to. bib File name

3. Compile Build Reference

(1) Click "LaTex" compilation, template folder will generate *.aux files, *.dvi files, *.log files and *.gz files;

(2) Click "BibTex" compile, the template file will generate *.BLG files and *.bbl files;

(3) Click "LaTex" to compile, obtain new *.aux files, *.dvi files, *.log files and *.gz files;

(4) Click "Latex" again to compile and view the results of the build.

The reference I eventually generated are as follows:

4. Thesis Text reference

The reference in this paper is generally: \cite{tag}, if you want to refer to it, it is the first line of curly braces in the \cite{.bib file}. For example, to reference the reference [1], the code is: \cite{von2003captcha}.

"Latex" Latex small white Primer (2)--how to use. bib file to automatically generate paper reference

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