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Program Registering as a system service has always been a concern of many network administrators. Just like the questions raised by the two netizens above, many gadgets and applets do not enter the system as services, in reality, they need to run. At this time, you can use the gadgets described in this article to register these gadgets into system services, so that the program can be started with the system startup.

Here I will introduce the software name to you as the example and removal tool for services in the Windows operating system. There is only one services.exe file, which is developed and released by high-level netizens. . Run services.exe directly to start the decompression. (1) Click "Browse" to select the decompression path. The services.exe service registration tool will be provided to you with the attachment.

Figure 1 click to view the large image

After the uncomputation is complete, we will see three programs: srvinstancexe, instsrv.exe, and srvany.exe. In this example, the instsrv.exeand srvany.exeprograms can be run directly. All service installation and unloading tasks can be completed by this program. It will automatically use instsrv.exeand srvany.exe to increase or decrease the service. (2)

(1) Delete A service:

We can use srvinstw.exe to scan all services in the local computer's operating system and delete any service, including some built-in services. In this way, our servers can run more efficiently.

Step 1: run the srvinstw.exe program. (3)

Figure 3

Step 2: click "remove a service" in the selection operation ". Click "Next" to continue. (4)

Figure 4

Step 3: select a local computer or remote computer. If you select a remote computer, you must provide the computer name and administrator account name and password for the computer. Generally, we can select the local machine as the local computer and continue after "Next. (5)

Figure 5

Step 4: then we will find that all the service names of the Local Computer are displayed in the service name drop-down menu, if we hook the include device drivers below, all the device drivers will be displayed. (6)

Figure 6

Step 5: Let's look for a service to demonstrate how to delete the service. For example, Remote Registry Service is generally useless and should be disabled by default, this prevents hackers from intruding into the computer by connecting to the Registry over the network.

Step 6: Select Remote Registry and click "Next ". (7)

Figure 7

Step 7: The software displays that the remote registry service will be deleted. Click "finish" and the remote registry service will be deleted. (8)

Figure 8

Step 8: The software prompts that the remove success deletion is successful. (9)

Figure 9

Step 9: The Remote Registry service will no longer be visible when we start the service setting window through "start-> Run-> enter services. msc" on the desktop again. We have thoroughly scanned him out of the system. (10)

Figure 10 click to view the large image

Through srvinstw.exe, you can delete the default and built-in services of the system, or uninstall the system services added by a third party, so that our system will run faster and avoid wasting system resources.

(2) Add a service:

Adding a service here refers to registering an application or an independent executable file as a service and setting it to start with the system. Of course, the program is run in the form of a service, so it has the advantages of starting all services, that is, starting a computer and starting in the system background, you can easily modify the startup mode and stop the program running by shutting down the service at any time. In this example, srvinstw.exe is used to complete a program.

Step 1: run the srvinstw.exe program.

Step 2: click "install a service" in the selection operation ". Click "Next" to continue.

Step 3: select a local computer or remote computer. If you select a remote computer, you must provide the computer name and administrator account name and password for the computer. Generally, we can select the local machine as the local computer and continue after "Next.

Step 4: Name the registered service. For example, if we want to register the QQ program as a service, write QQ in the service name. (11)

Figure 11

Step 5: Click the Browse button to select the program to register as a QQ service. (12)

Figure 12

Step 6: For programs with only one file, you can also copy the file to the System32 directory of the system by checking move file to system32 directory, which makes management easier.

Step 7: select the service type, which is service is its own process (the service is its own process and other processes are not called), file system driver (File System driver ), device Driver ). In general, we should choose the first process to let the service be its own process without calling other processes. (13)

Figure 13

Step 8: select the user that runs the service, select the other account, and enter the user name and password that have the permission to run the service. (14)

Figure 14

TIPS: You can also directly select the above system account, which will automatically start the service with the permissions of the current system Logon account.

Step 9: select the automatic running mode of the service. There are three options: Automatic Running, manual running, and disabled running, which are the same as normal services. Of course we choose Automatic Running, otherwise, all work will be done in vain. (15)

Figure 15

Step 10: click "Next" and click "Next" to complete service renewal. We add "qq.exe" to the service named "QQ. (16)

Figure 16

Step 2: The software will prompt install success after the service is successfully registered.

Step 2: Go to the desktop again and choose Start> RUN> enter services. MSC "after the service settings window is started, a service named QQ appears in the service window. This is the service we just added, in this way, when the system starts, the QQ program will automatically run as a service. (17)

Figure 17 click to view the large image

TIPS: Using services.exe to register a service can only be used for EXE and other executable programs. For those batch files, we can only start them with system startup by starting the script, the word method is invalid for script files such as batch processing.


Through the srvinstw.exe program in services.exe, we can easily add and delete services, so that we can register the small programs that need to be used frequently in actual work and learning into services, let it start with the system startup, or delete some useless or unsuitable services in the system to release system resources. Using this method can easily solve the problems raised by the above two netizens. On the one hand, the program was cheated by another network administrator by loading services, on the other hand, you can register a program as a service to start up with the system, and no longer need to enter the user name and password to log on to the system to run.

// ********************************** No software installation:
Http:// and removal tools of services in the Windows operating system. rar

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