Silverlight music game expert game development (2) demo demosilverlight music game expert game development (1)

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Silverlight music game expert game development (2) demo

Following the previous release
Silverlight music game expert game development (1)

Work is not very busy! I want to develop and play this game without a stop! About 50% completion!

1. Currently, no music or button beats are added. The company's computer has no sound ....

(Sound nice! Great pace! I heard it in my notebook! This demo does not exist)

2. There are two major color beats, and the color beats are different in size.

3. When the circle of the smiling face enters the gray area on the left, press the specified button.

Smiley face buttons:

Orange smiling face: F and J buttons are acceptable

Blue smiling face: D and K buttons are acceptable

Orange smiling face: l button

Blue smiling face: s button

When the smiling face matches the specified area, the score is added and the corresponding animation is displayed!

Not currently added! After all, it's a demo.

Latest Version:



No cards at all! More than 60 frames! The CPU is around 4-10%!

If you are stuck!

(The reason is. I have a virtue with my old-fashioned notebook CPU. 2. Change the browser !)

The above is the completed demo! There are many other functions in the future!

Hope your favorite friends can click here to recommend support! At least give me some comfort.


Wait until 80%! You are ready to start writing a tutorial and source code!


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