[Soft engineer Video] software, software engineering, and engineering video Software Engineering

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[Soft engineer Video] software, software engineering, and engineering video Software Engineering

I am now learning about the soft engineer video and summarize what is the origin of software and software engineering.

Seeing this figure, the blur of "software" is very clear in my brain, so easy! I will not talk about anything more ..

Software development is a history of programming, system design, and software engineering. The development of soft engineering technology stems from the software crisis. It can be said that the software crisis opens the door to software engineering ..

I have nothing to say about this picture. It's clear and it's not worth writing !! You may find that the red font cannot be seen clearly. It doesn't matter. That's not the point ..

The focus is on the three elements of Software Engineering: development methods, tools, and processes. The three constitute software engineering technologies ..


At the beginning, I always did not understand the differences between software engineering methods and processes, because the structured development methods and process lifecycles in the methods are the same! Now I understand that all methods will go through this process. The difference is that each method uses different means, tools, and principles in this process .. Joy

I want to write about the development method of software engineering in the next blog. Let's look forward to it ..

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