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Today, I will summarize the System File problems frequently encountered by netizens in the recent period, hoping to provide reference for friends who have encountered similar problems.
(The content is sourced from answers from Forum users and online search content, which has been deleted and modified)

The dll files mentioned in the post can be searched and downloaded from the following two websites (for reference only ):

Http:// (Traditional Chinese website)
Note: The provided files are basically files in Win98. Do not use them in other versions of Windows.

◆ Symptom 1:
The machine is normal. When Win98 is used, the following error code is displayed: 0x80070725 indicating that the RPC placeholder program version is incompatible. The installation will immediately end ." Virus killer and registry cleanup. How can this problem be solved?
◆ Note:
RPC is used to forward application function calls to a remote system over the network. The most typical use is remote management. Once the system prompts "RPC placeholder program incompatible", the first possible cause is a problem with the network component program in the system.
This problem occurs mostly in the Win98/NT operating system. In Win2000/XP operating systems, IPV6 supports PRC technology and Windows programs are generally supported. Therefore, this problem rarely occurs in systems after 2000.
Common Causes of frequent occurrence of this problem among 98 individual users:
1. The network functions in the new program are not compatible under Win98. For example, Kingsoft drug overlord 2002/2003 has a new network _ blank "> firewall function. The prerequisite for implementing this function is that the system must have better system network components. This problem occurs when the related files in the system are older and the installer does not provide updates.
2. In this case, online games are installed. In order to speed up the game, many online games are designed with a large number of 32-bit RPC support functions, but many 98 users have such system files, this problem often occurs during installation and running.
◆ Suggestion:
1. Install patches ( ).
2. If this problem occurs during online game installation, you can upgrade the DirectX version to 8.0 or later. If this problem still persists after you upgrade DirectX8, the cause is also caused by the network configuration in the system. Open the network neighbor and install the relevant IPX and TCP/IP protocols to solve the problem.

◆ Symptom 2:
During the Internet access process, IE is suddenly closed. If an error occurs again, the wsock32.dll dynamic link library error is displayed. You must restart the computer to make IE normal. The reason and solution are as follows.
◆ Suggestion:
If it is once in a while, restart to solve the problem.
If wsock32.dll dynamic link library errors frequently occur, you need to check for viruses, which may be poisoned (as described below)
Hybris worm, which is spread by email attachments. Once the recipient opens the attachment, it will be infected. It generates a copy of wsock32.dll in the WindowsSystem directory. The primary file name of the copy is a random 8-letter file with no file extension. The winint. ini file in the Windows directory will be modified to overwrite the original wsock32.dll file when Windows is started.
If Hybris virus is executed, the virus modifies the Windows System File wsock32.dll and sends an email with the virus. No matter which email software is used, the virus may be infected.

◆ Symptom 3:
The system information prompts that mfc42u. dll cannot be found. It has been found that it is non-toxic.
◆ Suggestion:
Download this file:

◆ Symptom 4:
In the address bar of IE6.0, the automatic filling function of ctrl + enter appears www. *, instead of www. *. com ..
◆ Note:
The string BUG in the browselc. dll file of IE6.
Browselc. dll is located:
Win9x: WindowsSystem
Win2000: WINNTSystem32
WinXP: WindowsSystem32
◆ Suggestion:
1. Download browselc. dll:

2. manually modify: Find browselc. dll file, copy the original file, and then open the copied file (the original file cannot be modified directly) with exbench (or other software that can modify the exe file ), the modification is located at resource> string, and the in string 809 is modified to com. Save and exit.
Replace: the modified browselc. dll file must be replaced with the original file in DOS (if a dual system is installed in another system. (Because this file is protected by the system and is currently being used by the system. During replacement, please note that the original file is backed up .)

◆ Symptom 5:
IE cannot open connections in a new window.
◆ Suggestion:
1. Start → run. Enter regsvr32 actxprxy. dll and click OK. A dialog box "DllRegisterServer in actxprxy. dll succeeded" is displayed, and the confirmation is displayed at the midpoint of the dialog box;
2. Start → run. Enter regsvr32 shdocvw. dll and click OK. A dialog box "DllRegisterServer in shdocvw. dll succeeded" is displayed, and the confirmation is displayed at the midpoint of the dialog box;
3. restart the computer.

◆ Symptom 6:
Run the rundll32.exe program automatically on the machine and go to msconfig to remove it from the options in the startup bar. It will still run automatically on the next boot.
◆ Note:
Rundll Uses command columns to call Windows dynamic link libraries.
The difference between rundll32.exeand rundll.exe is that the former is a 32-bit link database, and the latter is a 16-bit link database. Rundll32.exe is a program used to call dll files.
If win98is used, rundll32.exe is generally stored in the Windows directory;
For Windows XP, rundll32.exe is usually stored in the WindowsSystem32 directory.
If it is in its external directory, it can be a Trojan program, which may be pseudo-packaged as rundll32.exe.
◆ Suggestion:
This error is generally caused by 3721. uninstalling 3721 can solve the problem.
("Rundll32.exe C: WINDOWSDownloaded Program FilesCNSMIN. DLL, Rundll32 ")

◆ Symptom 7:
When IE is used, the "Explorer error (KERNEL32.DLL)" dialog box will pop out, and the problem persists after the restart.
◆ Suggestion:
Use NotePad to create or directly modify the system configuration file C: Config. sys, and add the following three statements:
FILES = 65
STACKS = 64,512
If the error persists, use NotePad to open the system. ini file in the system folder (Windows), and then add the following two lines in [ENH:
Increases default stack pages from 2 to 6
MinSPs = 6
(The default value of MinSPs is 2. If needed, add 2 at a time until the problem is resolved, and the ";" in the first sentence serves as a comment .)
Save and exit after modification, and restart to make it take effect.

◆ Symptom 8:
When the dialog box is displayed, the system prompts "the dynamic library link file msnp32.dll is missing, network is not running properly". After you press OK, everything is normal in the system. This file cannot be found on another machine, and it is useless to re-overwrite the system.
◆ Note:
Msnp32.dll is an important component of Microsoft's network functions. It is installed with a NIC (including a dial-up adapter) and a Microsoft network client. The file is located in the System directory. The file cannot be found and may be deleted by mistake.
◆ Suggestion:
Remove all protocols and adapters from network properties, and then re-Add the adapters, TCP/IP protocols, and Microsoft Network customers. Windows will re-copy the files required for network functions.

◆ Symptom 9:
System prompt: "The required. DLL file-MSVBVM60.DLL cannot be found"
◆ Note:
This file is the VB Runtime Library file, which is required for installation and running of many programs.
◆ Suggestion:
1. download the file and copy it to the system folder. (Bytes)
2. Start → run, enter regsvr32 C: WindowsSystemMSVBVM60.DLL, and click OK (this operation aims to register the dynamic link library file ).
Note: This file is a system file. You must select "show all files" in "View"> "Folder Options"> "file" to view this file.

◆ Symptom 10:
On a laptop, the following error occurs: "The required. DLL file-DMIAPI32.DLL cannot be found" when the program is started. How can this problem be solved?
◆ Note:
DMIAPI32.DLL is a file required for the desktop management interface service (DMI), especially for laptops. DMI-based management utilities can easily achieve remote monitoring and management, such as system BIOS and resident software driver inspection and management. The DMI standard is the only shortcut for easy management of laptops.
◆ Suggestion:
1.In the same directory of dmiapi32.dll, there is a file named win32sl.exe. Check whether the file is set to start with the system in the startup Item of the Registry. If no, add it.
2. The dll file may be corrupted. We recommend that you contact your laptop dealer to obtain the original copy of the file.

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