Some Opinions on building a Team Leader

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Some Opinions on building a Team Leader

1. Establish good communication and communication mechanisms
A good communication and communication mechanism can eliminate the gap between players, make an active atmosphere, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and facilitate the growth of the team members.

Weekly meetings are a good mechanism. At the meeting, the team members will briefly describe the past work, so that the team members can know what others are doing, the main work and progress of the entire team. The leader can also convey the company's movements to the team members, the future work of the team, the development blueprint of the team, and so on make your team members understand the development of the company, the development of the team, and the future development of the individual, so that your team members can see hope, boost morale.

Regular technical exchanges are a very effective form for the growth of players. Compared with sending training, it not only saves money, but also provides a wider range of benefits. Everyone can participate, and everyone has the opportunity to show their abilities.


2. Helping your team grow
Few people are willing to work in an environment that is not growing, even if it does not last long (except for a job that is expensive and easy ).

Some leaders with strong personal abilities prefer to take responsibility for some core technical work by themselves. Small-scale leaders may be able to take responsibility for a large scale? Are you alone enough? In the long run, your team members will lose the opportunity to grow up. No one can share your work. What should you do with this team? For a leader, the primary responsibility is how to build the team and lead your team to accomplish the team goal, rather than replacing your team members for specific technical work, even if the time is limited, we also need to select a core team member to follow you. Only when your team members are able to improve their abilities and work hard can your team take on more important tasks. This also means that you can take on more important responsibilities.

Zhuge Liang is fond of everything, and his active and tired life is not counted. Shu's country is also the first to perish. I personally think This is inseparable from Zhuge Liang's responsibility. Everything has happened, and it has deprived its subordinates of the opportunity to grow and exercise. This has resulted in a fault of Sichuan talents. Zhuge Liang died and no one can take on his job. Of course, such a country will die, the same applies to a team.

Therefore, helping your team members grow is not only important to you, but also important to your team members. "Strong hands and no weak soldiers", the same good soldiers do not want to work under an incompetent master, "the master will move his mouth, when the soldiers run out of his legs", "run out of his legs" nothing, what's terrible is that the game is running in vain.


3. Good Personality Charm
First of all, do not place yourself in the "official" position, think that you are a leader of the size of your team, and do not listen to what you say. In the feudal society, "under the general circumstances, do not belong to the King earth; lead the land to the shore, do not belong to the King minister .", However, if your team members leave the company, they are not your subordinates. Besides, their division of labor is different, and they are all equal in terms of human nature. Do not use the "officer" to crush your team members, and use their own personality charm to infect your team members.

What the ancients said is true for self-cultivation, family planning, governance, and normal operation. In particular, as a leader, we take the lead in setting an example, asking your team members to do what they do first, and asking them not to do what they do. The power of role models is endless.

You care about your team members at work and in mind. In particular, when your team members work overtime all day and night, they are "busy with wives and children ". The hearts of the people are scattered, and your team is not far from the days of separation.


4. Necessary incentives
Most of what you can do when you are subject to your authority ends with spiritual encouragement, but do not mean your language. Everyone expects to be affirmed. When your team members have made achievements, made progress, worked hard, and completed their goals, praise them, encourage them, and thank them.


5. Take necessary responsibilities for the team members
Everyone will make mistakes. When your team members make mistakes, they should share their responsibilities properly. Some problematic leader may not cause major problems, but it is often difficult for your team members to take responsibility independently and may cause heavy psychological pressure on all players, the so-called "rabbit dead body, hurt and similar" makes people vulnerable, your team members also lose their sense of security, and the work cannot proceed.


6. Selection of Leadership Style
You may think of the following styles:
A) imperative
B) coaching
C) supported
D) Authorization
There are no good or bad styles, but which one is the most suitable? different growth stages for different players adopt different methods.


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