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1, ConvertToUTF8 support GBK, BIG5, Euc-kr, EUC-JP, Shift_JIS and other encoded plug-ins

2. Bracket highlighter is used to match parentheses, quotes, and HTML tags. Useful for very long code. After installation, you do not need to set the plugin to take effect automatically.

3. Docblockr Docblockr can automatically generate Phpdoc-style annotations. It supports languages such as JavaScript, PHP, ActionScript, Coffeescript, Java, Objective C, C, C + +

4, Emmet (Zen Coding) fast generation of HTML code Snippets plug-in, powerful to unparalleled, do not know, Google

5, SideBar Enhancements This plugin improved the sidebar, adding a lot of features

6, THEMR theme management, switch themes, do not have to modify the configuration file, with this can easily switch themes

Trailingspaces display and automatically remove extra spaces

Yii2 auto-complete YII2 Auto-complete

Sublime Text 3 Plugin

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