Summary of issues encountered with HP DL380 installing Windows Server 2012

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Work needs, to deploy on the HP DL380 ge8 Server 2012, because the hand is only a USB flash drive, using the Windows USB DVD tool to write the system to the USB flash drive, set up the USB flash drive, you can directly enter the installation interface.

Question 1. Windows cannot is installed to this disk

This is because the currently selected disk has an MBR partition table that can only be installed on a GPT disk on the EFI system

The difference between MBR and GPT, excerpt from

Number of partitions: GPT can support unlimited partitions, but there is an upper limit for creating partitioned table spaces, and you can create up to 128 partitions on machines that use 64-bit Windows Server 2003. The GPT partition is not divided into primary partitions, logical partitions, which can be understood as all primary partitions. MBR can only have a maximum of four primary partitions, if you want to partition more, you need to delete a primary partition, convert it to expand the partition, and then divided into several logical partitions.

Security: GPT is more secure because partitioned tables are backed up, and a validation algorithm is added, which, once infected or mistakenly manipulated, can be found in a timely manner, using a secure backup of the partition table to remediate.
Partition capacity: GPT can identify hard disks larger than 2T, while MBR recognizes 2.2T capacity


1. If it is a new hard disk, use the Diskgenuis conversion partition table type as GUID format (P) to select OK until the conversion succeeds. Reboot the system after successful conversion.

2. To keep the data, delete the Efi/boot folder on the USB drive.

Question 2. We couldn ' t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup logfiles.

Microsoft's official solution is to re-partition with DiskPart, press SHIFT + F10 at the installation interface


Type LIST DISK and identify your SSD disk number (from 0 to n disks).

Type SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is your SSD DISK number.

Type Clean





Type EXIT twice (one to get out of DiskPart, the other to EXIT the command line tool)

I failed the test.

I think that since I can not recognize the C-disk, the C-disk deleted, re-create a C drive, or error.

Then all the partitions are deleted, the next step, actually succeeded.

That is, you only need to format the target hard drive, that is, format, directly click the Next button to install

Summary of issues encountered with HP DL380 installing Windows Server 2012

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