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"Proud Tour (Maxthon)" is a nearly household name of the free browser software, a number of practical features many other browsers do not have, such as its file download acceleration function, phishing Web site Automatic identification function, Favorites online Sync update function and so on. As a Web browser with millions of users, many users use one of their biggest feelings, perhaps its own lightweight and fast operation.

In fact, the user through the real-time adjustment of the software part of the settings, but also can make the operation of the software and browsing speed to be further optimized, and then get more efficient and smooth ultimate browsing effect, here I only cite a few examples, in order to give you a piece of paper.


First, let the software start faster

Every boot on the internet, open "AO Tour (Maxthon)" Browser, the start speed is also a direct impact on the user browsing efficiency of one of the factors, do not want to let the software in the start-up "legs", you can "recruit to come, lingering that"?

First in the proud browser to open the "Proud Tour Settings Center" page, in the General Options subpage, the user can also set the two options for check version at startup and check Maxthon for default browser at startup to cancel the hook, and then click the Apply button above the page. This allows the software to not significantly increase the startup speed of the software because it is "half-hearted" at startup (Figure 1).

Second, let the software shutdown faster

Go to work to sneak in the use of Web pages to chat, or jianfengchazhen to inquire about the real-time stock market, when we are most worried about, may be the boss or other colleagues come over. In fact, this user does not have to worry at all, proud browser to support the shortcut key to exit the function, that is, the user in the Open Browser page window through the keyboard input "CTRL +" shortcut keys, you can be proud of the browser to achieve an instantaneous exit; again, the user enters "CTRL +" shortcut keys again, Proud of the browser can also be realized instantly open.

Of course, for the software default shortcut keys, users can also change settings from the row definition: Also open the "The General Options" subpage on the "Pride Tour Setup Center" page, where you can change the shortcut key in the "Enable Boss Key", and don't forget to click the "Apply" button at the top of the page (Figure 2).

Third, let the page switch faster

We all know that proud tour is a support for multiple page browsing and switching browsers, each open page page will have a corresponding page tag, users click on the page tags can be implemented in the various pages of the page to switch back and forth.

So, do we have a more efficient way to switch pages? In fact, proud of the browser also provides a shortcut key to switch and the mouse wheel switch two more flexible and efficient switching mode: The user will first open the "Proud Tour Settings Center" page Switch to the "tab bar" subpage, and then select "Use CTRL + The left and right key switch tab "" and "when you right-click the mouse button using the wheel Switch label" two options, so you can use the software provided by the shortcut keys to switch page pages and use the mouse wheel to switch the page page of the way, especially convenient (Figure 3).

Four, let the Web site login faster

This is also proud of a browser features a feature, in the past we need to manually enter a Web site to open the corresponding page, and now in the proud browser, we set up, can simultaneously achieve multiple URLs of "one-click Login."

will open the "proud of the Center" page to switch to the "URL navigation" Child page, in which the "shortcut key" project, the user can be assigned to the F1-F12 of the 12 keys to each corresponding to a Web site, such as the author will F1 shortcut keys automatically match the URL defined as /, then as long as in the browser page to enter the shortcut key F1, the browser will be proud to automatically open, both convenient and fast (as shown in Figure 4).

Let the pictures save faster

Browse the Web process will find a variety of beautiful web images quickly saved for collection, I believe this is a lot of friends usually need to do the operation. In the proud browser, save the Web page picture can also achieve "one-click Save."

Switch to the "floating button" subpage on the Open "Pride Center" page. Select the "Hold down CTRL key while clicking Image" option, and then click the "Apply" button, then the user will click the CTRL key while clicking on the page to save the image link, The browser will automatically download and save the picture to the specified location. This software can support the bulk click and bulk storage of the images to be collected (Figure 5).

Six, let the bulk link open faster

We are in the forum or browse Friends blog, often see others to organize and recommend many wonderful sites, if these Web site users one by one by clicking Open, of course, to spend a lot of time, if the user online time is very tense, it is likely to miss some wonderful content.

In fact, in the browser, users with the help of "mouse control" function, you can quickly achieve bulk links in multiple pages in the same time open. The user opens the mouse control subpage on the Pride Center page, then selects the "Enable Super drag and Drop" and "drag and drop open all links in selected text" Two options, and finally click the Apply button (Figure 6).

In fact, in the proud of the browser's "accelerated" operation is far more than these, because of the user's own operating habits and the need for browsing information on the Internet is not the same, so the majority of users in their own operational practice through the application of the discovery of other "accelerated" operational skills, as long as the useful, Useful for improving the efficiency of surfing the web, that is really "faster" speed up operation skills.

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