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Today, I installed a linux server on the company's LAN and encountered some problems when configuring the network. I will record and summarize it as a supplement to the previous summary.

Linux server, version: linux suse enterprise, kernel version:

The office network is a small LAN, a wireless router (, all the PCs in the LAN are connected to the Internet through this route;

After the server is installed, You need to configure the network as follows:

1. Yast network, select the network card tab, and then edit to enter the network address setup interface.

The static IP address is used here and the settings are as follows:

2. Set the hostname and name server. enter the hostname and domain name. If the domain name is not required, enter local.

The name server address is automatically generated here. I have read it and it is the same as the dns server address of the wireless router, which is the server of Beijing tietong and Dalian Unicom respectively.

3. Set the route. Select routing on the network address setup page, go to the configuration page, and set the route address.

4. After these settings are complete, select next on the network address setup interface, and click finish. yast restarts the NIC. Hostname is written to/etc/hosts.

5. Tested ping the hostname just set and ping Baidu.

6. New Problems found:

A) In the same local area network, for windows development machines, you can ping the Server ip address, but the ping hostname cannot be found;

B) on the web management page of the wireless router, it is strange that the Linux server cannot be found through the DHCP client list;

7. I thought there was no good solution. I went to the Routing Management page, added the server as a static address, and restarted the route.

Return to the network address Setup page of the Linux server, select the "no IP address (bonding devices)" option, and restart the NIC.

Log on to the vro Management page again and check the Linux server in the DHCP client list. Problem (B) solved.

8. after studying the problem (A), Google found that the domain names and corresponding IP addresses of all machines in the LAN must be added to the hosts configuration files of Windows and Linux; this has deviated from my original intention. It seems that I can only access it through IP addresses.

The following is a reply to the same problem seen on a BBS:

"There is no good way. Our company has hundreds of routers, dozens of servers, and countless PCs, all of which are accessed using IP addresses. If there is a good way, we will use it early. Even if the DNS server is mounted, this information needs to be manually entered (unless you use DHCP and are connected to DNS, this is another matter ). DNS on intenet is easy to manage because it adopts a hierarchical management method and is a distributed structure. Each domain is responsible for all the ing information under the domain name, there are thousands of DNS servers around the world in a tree structure. The root of the tree is eight top-level domain names of interinc, so there is not much information on each DNS server and it is easy to manage. You can also create a DNS system in your company. Each Department allocates a top-level domain name to be responsible for their respective DNS servers"

In fact, I still have some questions. Why can I ping another Windows Domain Name? Is this because of the "connection between DHCP and DNS? It should be because the host configuration is not added by default. I will study it again tomorrow.

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