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Installing the SVN Subversion Service Reference Blog

The role of 1:SVN version management
A: Backup program
B: Code Restore
C: Collaborative Modification
D: Query writing time and people
E: Implementing incremental archiving
F: Permission setting (read/write)

2:SVN Common operations
Checkout: Check out and check out the SVN server project to Local.
Update: Updates the code to update the code that someone else has written in the group.
Commit: Commit the local code to the SVN server.
Synchronized: synchronization, comparing local to server code.

Installation of 3:SVN server subversion
When the installation is complete, the path to the subversion is automatically added to the environment variable

See if SVN installs the command SVN--version
Source in Open source Web site: sources, need to compile to use;
Binary: A binary file that can be recognized by a computer as a program file.

4: Create repository to save client-submitted files
Preferably a project corresponding to a repository, the way the repository was created.
Svnadmin Create D:/subversion/oa

Repository directory:

Conf: The configuration file where the SVN server is placed, such as permission configuration
DB: Client commit file stored in DB, equivalent database
Hooks: The hook program, equivalent to the trigger in the database, after the completion of the submission will
Automatically triggers some time, such as sending mail to the project manager. Can be here
Write the program implementation.

5: Start the server and add the service to the window service, boot from boot

Command line start SVN service: svnserve-d-R E:\svnrepository

Svnserve: command to start the SVN service because it is already configured to the environment variable, so it can be started in any directory.
-D: The SVN service is started as a background service mode. Daemon: Backstage
-R: Is the root directory of SVN root:
E:\svnrepository: Is the address of the repository, there will be a sub-repository corresponding to multiple projects, this
The startup mode is multi-warehouse.

SVN service default port 3690, can be viewed through the Netstat-ano command.

Set up as Windows service, boot from boot, reference:

SC Create svn binpath= "D:/subversion/bin/svnserve.exe--service-r e:/svnrepository" displayname= "SVNService" depend= T Cpip start= Auto

SC: This command is the command that comes with window,

BinPath: Is the path where the command service is started.
DisplayName: Display name in Window service
Depend: The protocol on which the server and client communications depend
Start: Whether to start
SVN: Service display svn in Task Manager, display svnservice in service

Note: Setting the SVN Service to a window service requires administrator privileges, only the command line has administrator privileges.

6: Query service via port
Netstat-ano|findstr 3690 querying the port's PID process number 2068 via 3690 port
TASKLIST|FINDSTR 2068 querying the service name via PID process number

7:eclipse Plug-in installation
Installation can be installed online or by downloading the installation package.
A: Online installation, Help-eclipse marketplace-Select SVN, can be installed online.
B: Download the SVN plugin in
Copy the downloaded plugin to the Eclipse directory Dropins directory to use, then restart Eclipse

8:eclipse importing projects directly into SVN version tree
Project-Right---team--share project--Select the URL address.

svn://localhost/: Navigate directly to the repository directory of the Windows service configuration and then healthcare on the stitching so that it can navigate to the sub-warehouse.
In the process of submitting a project to the repository using Eclipse, you need to configure permissions in the Conf directory to commit.

9: Encounter conflict
Conflicts occur when two users in a project group simultaneously manipulate a file (usually a public file).
Workaround: By synchronizing the comparison, show yourself the modified place, copy it down, and then overwrite the update, after the update, in the content will be copied to modify
To the file, and then in the commit, the problem is resolved.

10: Permissions Issues
Conf directory under the SVNSERVE.CONF configuration, if it is anonymous, then any user can enter, to read or write operations.

anon-access = Write Anonymous write operation
auth-access = Write permission writes
PASSWORD-DB = passwd Configure user password in passwd file
AUTHZ-DB = Authz configuration permissions in Authz file

11: Code Restore
team--Show historical Content-get content
Here to modify the svnserve.conf configuration file, anonymous entry for None

12: Separate client-side interface

SVN Learning Summary

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