Tableau Cluster deployment

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As the company crashed at the end of the two-month tableau server overload, there was an idea to build a Tableau server cluster. It's still in beta, so do one step at a time.


I. Installing and configuring a worker server

Two. Other reference documents

I. Installing and configuring a worker server

Before you do this, look at the official documentation to learn about the concept.

Improve Server Performance


1. Ensure that tableau Server is installed on the host computer.

2. Stop tableau Server for the host computer

" C:\Program Files (x86) \tableau\tableau Server\8.0\bin\tabadmin.exe the stop

At this point you can check the status of the service

Tabadmin status

3. Log in to tableau official to download the appropriate version of Tableau Worker.

Note: The trial version cannot be clustered and downloading Tableau worker is useless

4. Install Tableau Worker on other computers that you want to add to the cluster

5. Enter the IP address of the primary server during installation

6. After Tableau worker is installed, run the configuration program on the main computer (the service of the host still stops)

" C:\Program Files (x86) \tableau\tableau Server\8.0\bin\tabconfig.exe "

7. Enter the user name password in the General tab, then click Add on the server option.

Note: Do the cluster two machines must be in the same domain, and to use the domain account to start the service, each computer must have the appropriate permissions, otherwise reported the following error

Permissions Configuration Reference:


8. Enter the appropriate IP address and the number of processes assigned in the dialog box that pops up.

By default, the data engine, repository, and gateway are located on the primary server. Running these processes on another server or moving them out of the primary server is part of configuring high availability. For more information, see High Availability

9. Click OK

10. Click ' OK ' again after adding all. Save your changes and start the main tableau Server

" C:\Program Files (x86) \tableau\tableau Server\8.0\bin\tabadmin.exe " start

Note: Only the data engine on the worker has been copied to remove the data engine from the primary server

two. Other reference documents

Change Logging levels


Remove unneeded Files


Tableau Server Logs Folder is Too Large


Back up the Tableau Data


Pre-Upgrade checklist


Migrate to New Hardware


Reinstall and Configure Worker Server


Tableau Cluster deployment

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