Testlink Learning II: Windows Build Testlink Environment

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Environment Preparation :

Build php5.4.39+apache2.2+mysq5.5.28l Environment

(Refer to http://www.cnblogs.com/yangxia-test/p/4414161.html)

(Note: testlink1.9.13 requires more than php5.4.)

First, Testlink environment construction

Download the Testlink version you need, the Testlink version of this article is 1.9.13,:http://sourceforge.net/projects/testlink/files/testlink%201.9/testlink%201.9.13/

After the download, under Windows, found that the document is packaged in a way Linux testlink1.9.13.tar.gz, with the WinZip tool decompression can see testlink1.9.13.tar.gz---> Testlink1.9.13.tar--->testlink1.9.13, rename the last layer to Testlink

1. Copy the "Testlink" folder to "D:\php\" (PHP installation directory) directory;

Note: Remove the later version number and TestLink1.9.13 into Testlink

2, open IE browser, enter: Http://IP Address: Port number/testlink (such as: Http://localhost/testlink);

3. After opening the page, click "New Installation"

4, enter the installation page, this page to check some related configuration environment. Just read/write the permissions bar is failed. Click "New Installation" in the page;

Note: This step is reported if checking if/var/testlink/logs/directory exists [S] </B<< td> failed!
Checking if/var/testlink/upload_area/directory exists [S] </B<< td> failed!

To modify the D:\php\testlink\ config.inc.php file:

$TLCFG->log_path = '/var/testlink/logs/'; /* Unix Example comment out the sentence,
Add the following content
$TLCFG->log_path = ' testlinkdir/logs/';

$g _repositorypath = '/var/testlink/upload_area/'; /* Unix Example comment out the sentence,
Add the following content
$g _repositorypath = ' testlinkdir/upload_area/';

Note: Testlinkdir indicates the installation directory path

5, re-refresh, if passed, you can install the

Database type select MySQL, database host to fill out localhost. Database name fill in the Testlink.

Fill in the MySQL database user name and password
Database Login:root
Database Password: *******

Fill in the login ID and password of the Testlink database
Testlink DB Login:testlink
Testlink DB Password: ******

When the above parameters are configured, click on the "Process tesklink Setup" button on the page and the following page prompts indicate the configuration is successful;

Second, login use

1. Login

After installation, the login name and password used on the http://localhost/testlink/login.php login page, by default, is admin/admin

2. Chinese


1) Modify the file under Htdocs\testlink directory config.inc.php

Will $tlcfg->default_language = ' EN_GB ';
$TLCFG->default_language = 'zh_cn ';

2) Login Testlink, click My SettingS, you can view personal data, where the locale selection Chinese Simplified, click Save. The page is in Chinese.

3, when the user logged in (using the Admin/admin login) on the page will be security prompts , as follows:

There is security warnings for your consideration. See details on File:d:\program files\vertrigoserv
To disable any reference to these checkings,
Set $TLCFG->config_check_warning_mode = ' SILENT ';
Find the config.inc.php file open in the root directory of \vertrigoserv\www\testlink\.

Will $tlcfg->config_check_warning_mode = ' FILE ';
/* [LOGGING] */
$TLCFG->config_check_warning_mode = 'SILENT ';

4. Prohibit user registration

Open config.inc.php, locate $tlcfg->user_self_signup, and then change the true to False, the new user link is canceled at the login interface.

The environment has been basically set up, LAN other machines can also be normal access, the next step is to learn how to use it, refueling!

Testlink Learning II: Windows Build Testlink Environment

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