The four ultimate weapons in Microsoft Windows XP SP2

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Of course in this one or "Trojan virus" is the most headache, and in the XP SP2 with the security Manager can help you solve this problem. Because most users don't know if their system is in a safe state, this leaves an opportunity for a virus or hacker to invade. Windows Security Center is able to monitor whether the system security components are working properly, and it is possible to identify Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates, and antivirus software in the shortest possible time.

For normal settings, the Security Center will be displayed in green; if the corresponding option state exception (for example, is turned off or disabled), it will be marked red, the status is unknown in yellow, this is more common in anti-virus software options, mainly because some anti-virus software may be due to some reasons can not be recognized by the system. But don't worry, not that anti-virus software does not work or incompatible with the system, red warning and yellow error only means that antivirus software can not be viewed in the Security Center.

It is important to note that although firewalls and antivirus software can be set up through the Security Center, these features are not provided by the Security Center, and the Security Center is only a centralized management function.

The Ultimate Weapon II: Windows Firewall comeback
Remember the firewalls that you have with XP? It started to give people a bad impression, I have also eaten its losses, I remember in the past when I download the film with BT, speed How also does not come (I am using 512K ADSL), the theoretical download speed should be around 70K, but I can only be in 30-40k left and right wandering, Find the cause of the problem, finally found that the WINDWOS firewall in the wacky, it closed, the speed has been significantly improved.

Figure 2

But in XP SP2, the once-chicken ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) Windows Firewall has a new look!!

Since it is called Windows Firewall, the functionality should be effective for windows as a whole, not just for network connections. In fact, Windows Firewall in the XP SP2 as a core security components, become an essential security defender, compared to the original ICF, there has been a significant improvement.

Although Windows Firewall provides more powerful features, it is relatively thin in functionality compared to professional-level firewall software. However, recently heard that Microsoft is about to launch a new independent anti-virus software this February, I do not know whether Microsoft will be a better performance.

The ultimate weapon of the third: IE refused to disturb the guarantee of stability when you surf the Internet, often encounter automatic pop-up windows and advertising and other phenomena, it is very headache. At present, many of the third party IE browsing software within their own, joined the Screen Automatic pop-up window function, and therefore by many netizens love, and love.

Figure 3

Always emphasizes "humanization" of Microsoft (really very human?). ), but also very intimate in the SP2 has added the function of Shielding automatic pop-up window.

Before XP SP2, each kind of advertisement pop-up window masks the plug-in to emerge endlessly, even Microsoft all in own MSN toolbar to add this function. Now, with the XP SP2, these plug-ins can be discarded, because the Microsoft in the IE6SP2 also added to the Screen Ads pop-up window function, personal feeling this design is full of practical.

Ultimate Weapon Four: full support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Small series has a Nokia 6610 mobile phones, because of its own infrared function, can connect with the computer, send some pictures of ringtones and games and other resources, virtually will not be rich I left a small amount of money, so this cell phone is much like a small series.

But last August, the love of this little series was lost. Helpless I can only change mobile phone, because I am a loyal fans of Nokia, so soon after I bought a Nokia 6600, a veritable function of the mobile phone Ah, the most exciting is that it has infrared, its own also equipped with Bluetooth this function, Whether in the transmission speed or wireless connection mode, Bluetooth is stronger than the infrared many, but small knitting in the use of Bluetooth and computer connection, found that the operation is not so convenient and easy-to-use.

Figure 4

Thankfully, in XP SP2, Microsoft has redesigned the Bluetooth feature, adding a new Wireless network Installation Wizard to the Control Panel. With the help of a wizard, do you still worry about not using wireless devices?

In addition, Microsoft has announced in Windows XP SP1 that Bluetooth devices have been supported, but for the proper use of Bluetooth devices, it is necessary to install a Q323183 patch first. However, after the installation of XP SP2, Bluetooth devices have been better supported.

After the Bluetooth adapter is properly installed, we can use the "Send to" function directly in the folder's right menu to send the files in the computer to the Bluetooth device, or through "start → all programs → attachments → newsletters" The Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in is convenient to receive files sent from a Bluetooth device or to send files to a specified Bluetooth device.

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