The product design of the Internet is not only graphic design or UI design

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The product design mentioned in this article refers to the use of products in the Internet, such as Web sites, Web pages or the Internet. Usually when we talk about these designs, we will discuss the art or UI design.

In fact, the Internet's product design, and not just graphic design or UI design, this is particularly important.

Many enterprise product personnel tend to be very low position, the monthly salary is very low, enter the threshold is also very low, as if can follow the boss's request to finish some documents, standardized things are good, and there are such companies, the product department is really high, but the product design and management, the last excellent designers can not promote product trends, and have the project management means of talent, is really product design talent?

Product design talent, in fact, can be said to be very scarce, for the Internet field of many small and medium-sized enterprises (especially not relying on resources, not relying on the background, depending on the product to eat those entrepreneurial enterprises), often the boss is the company's only product designer, the other people are just implementation, so the company is often the boss product design ideas and vision of the contest, but the Web teaching network that a company to think of a step, it must let the company more inclusive, a small company boss said, small company is the boss to employees, large companies are employees to work for the boss, rough, fine thinking is really so, Small company bosses rely on their ability to feed the company, others are just the hands and feet of the boss. Wait until a company really has a group of employees beyond the boss, and these employees have played their own talent, the company can really a step, this is a digression, casually wordy a few words.

So the design talent so difficult to find, some people are not convinced, with what? Is it technically difficult? Do you have a professional certification?

Yes, many people still think that product design is a simple job, then the Web page teaching network some topics, interested can think for themselves.

Topic 1:Now you are responsible for a product design, please note that the premise, there are several requirements listed here, please arrange the order.

Demand 1, market partners to provide you with the needs, ask you to do some kind of product improvement so that they promote, this can bring you a lot of traffic every day, the impact on the user is unknown; demand 2, the sales department to your needs, require products to do some kind of improvement to meet the advertiser's expectations, the user may have a slight adverse impact; demand 3 , a well-known master of product design, a recognized leader in the industry, in a public blog or in private with you, he thinks the user needs the function; Demand 4, you use this product yourself, you think this product can add a function to meet your own needs. Demand 5, customer service feedback over the information, a lot of users put forward a need. Demand 6, the market research company issued a report, through questionnaires to obtain user needs.

Now, you think how to define the feasibility and priority of these requirements.

Topic 2:Now that you've done a deep product upgrade, after the upgrade, 1/3 of the users praised you as an angel, Kua you solve their most needed problems, there are 1/3 of users indifferent, you can not get any of their positive or negative feedback, and 1/3 users are furious, threatened not to change back to leave your product forever. So, did your upgrade succeed or fail? What are you going to do next?

Topic 3:You have a great idea, but when you work the online but frustrated to find that two months, the Internet appeared 100 and you highly similar products, and you do not have more resources, the first advantage is almost gone. So, what do you think is the key to the next competition? To simplify this topic, give a few reference options. A: Provides richer functional options to cover a wider range of people, and is always creative in one step ahead of the competition. B: Increase the technical input, the product application complications, set up technical bottlenecks and thresholds. C: Introduction of intellectual property and legal proceedings. Drive the competitor out. D: Improve the stability of products and services. Improve service responsiveness and processing efficiency. E: You need to add

Topic 4:You've found a way to quickly increase traffic and users, but this approach may irritate a small number of old users (but there will be no old users praising you for using this method) and what you are going to do. A few options, A: Use this method as soon as possible to promote the flow and gain a dominant position. B: Do not use this method. C: After a period of comfort or specificity, use a soothing or special method (to keep it from being affected by the new methods) for the potentially irritated old user, and then use the new method.

Topic 5: Your product has been stagnant for a long time, traffic and users have been maintained at a relatively fixed level, where do you think the breakthrough should be preferred? A. Increase the product's functional items to cover more user groups. B. To increase market cooperation channels to attract more users to enter. C. Reduce product defects and problems to reduce the wastage of old users.

In fact such a topic, there is no real standard answer, but web teaching network believe that the Web teaching network in the minds of the answer will be different from the understanding of most people.

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