The VC market, the team, the innovation theory, you are misleading the entrepreneur

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The sky was so bright that I couldn't sleep.

How does a start-up go from 0 to 1? In many media, we often see VC talk, summed up the view of the winners: Market, Team, innovation, that is to measure whether an enterprise can be worth the investment of the three elements, or to measure whether one can move to the three elements of success. This is wrong, is misleading the entrepreneur,

To do one thing successfully is to need three elements, but not market, team, innovation, but courage, focus, opportunity. Courage: Do you decide to do this thing, even if it makes you lose your shirt, you have nothing to do, focus: Do you do this thing, do not be the first, not to rest, not to the first, never to do anything else; opportunity: When you work hard for a long time, finally ushered in the opportunity, whether you immediately seize, and infinite times to put. At least in China, these three elements are the real success factors for all successful businesses.

We first say IDG,IDG as the current domestic VC big guy, can have today, first he is early, the so-called early is others think this thing can not do or not worth doing, so IDG do, is courage, every partner in IDG even if not engaged in investment, at that time also has a prominent status and income, They think it's a chance for the future, and in the early days what do you think made them decide to put their full effort into it? Why don't others invest in it? This is actually gambling, gambling tomorrow, this is a kind of courage, IDG may not know QQ can rise to today, otherwise it will not sell the shares in the hands ....

IDG from 2000 or even earlier began to do investment, to do today, nearly 10 years, 10 of IDG has been doing a thing, is investment, and constantly looking for opportunities, this is focus, IDG will not see a good chance, but he knows what he is doing, He will not see other people's project is so tempting and forget his own job, focus on doing one thing, the achievement of today's IDG. Who made IDG so famous? Qq,baidu, Sohu ... , not necessarily at that time only IDG contacted these enterprises, but ultimately, IDG won, and with these successes and fame, this is the IDG found these opportunities, and unlimited amplification .... Which VC defy, also take your team, market, innovation theory to evaluate your VC brother IDG.

Let's take a look at Sina,sohu,163,qq,baidu, Grand. Sohu in 2000 stock below 1 U.S. dollars, in the disintegration of the time, Charles Zhang still did not give up, their own repurchase stock, in various public occasions for Sohu cheer, he that moment, what team? The team has long since left him, the board has already been tired of, what the market, the market has been a bubble, what innovation, know today Sohu and what innovation? Can let Sohu pull through is courage, Zhang CEO Zaguomaitie also bet Sohu tomorrow, Opportunity, when the SP coming, the Internet turn spring, Sohu caught and won.

Yesterday can leverling evaluation of Sina's original, Sina was very want to sell, but at that time is not sell, if Sina does not rush in the last bubble, Sina is a complete failure. I do not admire Leverling, he did not have Zhang's stubbornness and courage and ability, so he was out. Otherwise today's Sina should be Leverling Sina, in the most difficult time the king did not use the rock bottom rebound strength, or said no ability to use, so Wang is just lucky, Sina was born in his hand.

Remember CCTV 2 sets win in China, there is a Robin Li's speech, he said that success is focus, perseverance to do one thing is success, Niu Gensheng said success is 1% of the wisdom of +99% perspiration. is actually sticking to it. Is it a kind of courage for Robin Li to give up his first such generous treatment and create Baidu? Is it courage to separate from the portal and create a new profit model with a bid? 10 only do one thing, is not focus? No matter what a successful enterprise, the 3 elements of success are courage to resolve, focus to know success, opportunity to realize the dream.

In IDG behind the VC flocked, also do not know who said the success of the 3 elements into the market, team, and innovation, good worshiper vocabulary, back to 40 to go, these words are not at all, but now is regarded as a classic, entrepreneurs as an idol of the VC are widely inherited, Let's look at these VC investments under the guidance of these 3 elements:

Video site, the most popular this year is the video site, there are always tens do not account for the U.S. dollar, then their determinants are the market, team, innovation? The market is some, but not they give, is netcom and telecom to, is Netcom and telecom investment to increase broadband bandwidth, hardware investment costs lower, this has the opportunity to have a market, said what is the future demand is nonsense, there is no telecommunications and Netcom, a video site is not, raising a child forget Niang, Never seen that video site thanks to Netcom and telecom, but always said that they saw the future needs, this is the quality of the VC team. Innovation, I do not see, take the words of Ma Yun said: Holding a magnifying glass can not see, only to see extreme similarities, everywhere piracy; team? Video site out of the editor is the user, all content is generated by users, which is also called Proud team? You now charge to try, if you dare to charge, each user upload a film charge 5 Yuan not much, you try to see these incomparable excellent team come up with a solution? Who is the real team, is the user, is free to upload them and generate content and traffic to users ...

We can not say how high the threshold of e-commerce, we do not need honeys Ma Yun, Ma Yun, but is relying on the original Chinese yellow pages started, the original to the hotel to apply for a handyman No one wants, MA what? E-commerce market is big enough, Ma Yun is nothing, and Alibaba also no innovation, how I can not see take a VC that these three elements to invest, to build a new E-commerce giant out?

No, everything is a lie, VC take these three elements to constrain the project, cheated himself, the investment project a big none; cheated entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, this simple words, but from the mouth of how many real successful people say, you can choose to start a business, first of all is a kind of courage, to be admired; entrepreneurship is something you can't give up if you meet any difficulties, you have to stick to it, Ma Yun said today is very cruel, tomorrow is very cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, but 98% of people died in the night, you have to live, even if the drop of rice, sleeping on the street, must persist; When the opportunity comes, It's not luck, it's a lot of times it's about luck. No, sweat cast this opportunity, because you pay more than others, no one more than you in this field to understand his every move, so not luck, is inevitable, because you chose to start a business is to know that there will be such inevitable. When the opportunity comes, you do not consider any consequences, even if you do this thing, tomorrow's death, you have to seize him, you can abandon all the dignity, all the status ... , you will be successful, will know the meaning of success, why many enterprises now by the original sin, there is no way, in the circumstances of the time, die to do so.

Don't mislead people, give up sheep-flavored markets, innovation, Team theory, tell yourself: I give up the smooth work, choose investment: is a kind of courage, I persuaded myself to choose this industry, a difficult process, but I chose, this is courage, I can in the field of investment, is focused, is when you see a good project, the heart is moving, tell yourself immediately: You are investing, not doing business; When you become a partner, you know that this is inevitable, because your commitment to this outcome is not surprising, you will only feel that the society is so fair.

All entrepreneurs should also consider whether to start a business, have the courage to face all the difficulties, be attentive, shine, or be able to give up everything when necessary, just for a chance to be bigger. VC is not a success, successful people can board the Time magazine, VC one did not; the winners can change the Times, VC one did not, not experienced wind and rain, how to see the Rainbow. I would like to discuss with all.

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