The wireless network has an exclamation point restricted access to the Internet what's going on?

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The wireless network has an exclamation point and cannot connect to the network

The presence of a wireless network exclamation point can not be connected to the Internet, we must first judge the problem is wireless network, or network cable problems, the solution is as follows:

1, first unplug the wireless router power, wait a minute, again open the power, restart the wireless router, and then see if the wireless network is available, if available, it may be the router inside the small program error, usually this situation rarely occurs. Also, if the problem persists, keep looking down.

2, check the network cable and the router is connected well;

3, login router management interface, check the router internal dialing is normal, usually we login router management interface, at the bottom can see the router running state, the following figure:

Wireless Router status check

As pictured above, we look at the router management interface WAN port status and WAN traffic statistics, from the above figure clearly, the PPPoE dial-up connection has not been connected, and in the WAN traffic statistics in the acceptance bar can be seen, the router to accept the flow of 0, so the basic can be judged to be a network problem, After the author contacted the network business, was told that the network line failure, is being repaired, estimated half an hour after the recovery, so smooth to find the problem.

4, if you are in the judgment of the router dialing is not a problem, that is, the above WAN port status and WAN traffic statistics are normal, wireless network can not connect, you may wish to direct network cable connected to the computer, try to dial is available, if no problem, then the router may not normally open wireless network Re-check the settings.

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