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Broadband Internet access time can be effective management network, such as parental supervision of children's Internet time and so on and so on,

The most direct and simplest way:

To the telecom operators (you open an account) of the website, enter the account number, password, successful login, you can query.

There's another way to find it on your own computer, but it's a bit of a hassle.

Methods are as follows

In Control Panel, open the Administrative Tools window and double-click Event Viewer with the mouse. In the list of left of the Event Viewer window that appears, right-click the system item, select Properties, and select the Filter tab in the System Properties window that pops up, the event source selection RemoteAccess "," category "Select All", click OK to return to the Event Viewer window, where the start and end times of each Internet connection are listed in the right window, each two is the end and start time of the Internet, and the difference between the two times is the cumulative time to surf the internet, by viewing the date, We can also figure out the total number and time of the Internet in a certain day or one months. If you want to save this information, you can save it to a text file by right-clicking on system and selecting the Export List command on the shortcut menu.

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