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First, the software introduction
This installer is an ISO bootable image file, recommended to download the image file directly with Nero, and then installed on the CD, of course, can also be hard disk installation, run the corresponding directory under the Winnt32.bat (win under installation) or I386winnt16.bat (DOS installation)

Ii. Characteristics of Tomato Garden system
Tomato Garden system = original + patch + Optional optimization + optional installation function + Optional Landscaping
Why do you choose Tomato Garden
+ can be verified by genuine
+ collection of all current patches
+ Optional Install beautiful theme
+ Optional Installation necessary optimization
+ Multi-Version optional installation
+ Unattended Installation
+ Practical Enhancement Software DIY

Iii. details of specific modifications
+ Add Sata/raid/scsi/cpu/chipset driver package (dps_base7.05.2)
+ All XP key patches to date (2008-01)
+ Optional Install Internet Explorer 7.0 Official edition
+ Optional Install Windows Media Player 11 Official edition
+ Optional Install Flash Player
+ Optional Install Microsoft Java virtual machine
+ Optional Install Tomato Garden Theme Resource Kit 2.5
+ optional installation of tomato garden favorites
+ Optional Installation Optimization registry entry
-Remove Windows Roaming
-Remove Chinese doctors
-Remove Desktop Cleanup Wizard
-Remove the mouse cursor from the system
-Remove the system from the background of the image
-Remove the system from the music sample
-Remove Internet Games
+tcpip Connection modified to 1000

Optimize the list of registry entries
+ Allow IE to accept 10 connections at the same time
+ Start menu-Reduce menu Popup delay time
+ Start Menu-Disable and remove the document list on the Start menu
+ Start Menu-Start Panel program number-6
+ Start Menu-Add the Administrative Tools menu
-Animated display combo box-disabled
-Select effects Fade-disabled
-View Fade menu after click-Disable
-animation window when maximized and minimized-disabled
-Do not cache thumbnails
-Disable tracking of damaged shortcut links
+ Recycle Bin: Allow renaming and deletion
-Disables the "shortcuts to" prefix
+ Show Extensions for known file types
+ Open IE automatic thumbnail function
+ Download Complete Auto shutdown
+ Speed Menu Display
-Prohibit default sharing
-Clear Shared Folders
+ firewall allows access to shared files
-Skip Internet Connection Wizard
-Disable script error reporting in IE
-Suppresses display of script error notifications
-Disables display of friendly HTTP errors
-Turn off XP File Protection
-Remove redundant boot programs
-Close grouped similar taskbar buttons
-Suppresses highlighting of newly installed programs (Start menu)
+ Turn on Automatic Updates
-Turn off Error reporting
-Turn off System Restore
-Prohibit remote modification of the registry
+ Display Desktop System icon
+ Show Quick Start
-Disable pop-up error message at startup
-System failure (disable automatic restart, do not send administrative alerts, do not write debug information)
-Disable zip feature
-Turn off the Compress old files feature
-Remove BMP, WAV, etc. in the right button "new"
+ Allow Winodws to search for maximum, including hidden folders
-Disable tracking of damaged shortcuts
-Disable search assistants and use advanced searches
-Remove the Help menu from the beginning
-Do not search Windows Update when installing drivers
+ Add right button to open with Notepad
+ Add right button "Dos here"
+ Open nfo file with Notepad
+ Add (service, control, Device) command menu to my computer's right-click menu
+ for IE7 plus several common search options
+ to open IE phishing website check

Iv. description of packages in Windows directory

1. Tvoa---Tomato garden WinXP Pro vol. SP2 + automatic Installation
2. Tvob---Tomato garden WinXP Pro vol. SP2 + automatic installation + DPS driver package

Catalog Description:
Tvoa for standard Version
Tvob to add DPS version
dps= (Driver packs) includes a collection of most commonly used SATA drives, chipset driven, and AMDK8 drivers!

V. Installation Instructions
1. CD-ROM installation (recommended)
Please use the burning software, choose image burning method to burn ISO file, before burning please check the accuracy of the file, burning speed recommended 24x!

A. Automatic installation
Setup please set CD-ROM to boot, then select the 1th one to install automatically!

B. Manual Installation
Setup please set CD-ROM to boot, then select the 2nd one to install manually!

2. Hard disk installation (support automatic unattended installation)

A. Automatic installation
Please extract all content from the ISO Windows\tvoa (TVOB) \i386\winnt.bat to the hard disk root directory, such as D:\I386, and then run D:\I386\winnt.bat to install it.

B. Manual Installation
Please extract all content from the ISO Windows\tvoa (TVOB) \i386\winnt.bat to the hard disk root directory, such as D:\I386, and then run D:\I386\winnt.exe to install it. You need to load the Smartdrv.exe before you install (I386)

Update log:
All operating systems of the Tomato 2008 series, all restored to pure version, guaranteed not to install other
Malicious software or malicious plug-ins, all in accordance with the views of users to reference and production.
The main feature of tomato 3.5 is DIY mode installation, that is, installation to the last 13 minutes will be out
Now installs the choice the prompt, has 1 minutes waits the time to let everybody choose some function, if does not
Selection will be installed according to the default selection! If you miss the waiting time, you can pretend to
Then go to add the deletion to uninstall the unwanted components.
Main optional items There are some
Windows Media player player: Optional 9 or 11
Internet Explorer Browser: Optional 6 or 7
Flash player 9 player: Optional or optional
Microsoft Java virtual machines: Optional or optional
Tomato Garden Theme Resource Kit: Optional or optional
Tomato Garden Favorites series: Optional or optional
Optimizing registry entries: Optional or optional

BT download: Tomato garden Windows XP Pro SP2 V3.5 aae3d02b01508eff&attachmentid=1053834
Download address:
Tomato garden Windows XP Pro SP2 free V3.4 garden%20windows%20xp%20pro%20sp2%20 free of activation%20v%203.4/ Tomatowinxp_v_3.4.iso
Tomato garden Windows XP Pro SP2 V3.3
ftp://tomatolei: Tomatolei@
Tomato garden Windows XP Pro SP2 free of activation V3.2

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