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A low-level error occurs when a ball is played!
After a project is deployed to the customer, some problems that have been solved previously have been reproduced. I don't know why, but I deployed the old version to the customer! The leaders were very angry and held accountable, so everyone started to play the ball !......

What is a kick-off project?
Do you know what it is? What! Don't know? Do you know about the IT project? IT projects, especiallySoftwareAll development projects belong to the category of "kicking" projects. Major features of the kick-off project:
1.RequirementNot sure.
2. technical uncertainty.
3. The work period ends.
4. Limited budget
Two big uncertainties and two big limits, you don't think it's hard to "Beat!
In order to prevent customers from playing, prevent bosses from playing, and prevent members of the project team from playing each other, I would like to share my experiences on reducing the chance of being kicked. I will be divided into strategies,Team buildingArticle, requirement article, design article,EncodingTest, implementation, and planning.

Team building outline:
1. Case study 1: pilling event
2. Case study 2: How should we reward and punish the project?
3. Case study 3: PK between departments
4. What is the source of a good team culture?
5. Rule 1: one wins and one loses.
6. Rule 2: Make team member the master
7. Rule 3: encourage mistakes!
8. Rule 4: the rule of saying, passing, and teaching
9. Rule 5: block external interference from harassing the team
10. Rule 6: fully safeguard the interests of the team
11. Rule 7: we are a person

Video Playback:

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