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After using Visual Studio 2010, I found that my C disk was getting smaller, and just started cleaning up the C disk with the Optimization tool, but no matter how to do it can not effectively improve the memory of C, then a directory after the search to know that there is a folder C:\ProgramData\ Microsoft Visual studio\10.0\tracedebugging takes up memory and checks the Internet to see what it is (specific information from the recommended Visual Studio 2010 new features-intellitrace (intelligent tracking), In fact, for most programmers, actually do not need it, so you can directly delete the line. Then I'll talk about the specific steps:

Open vs2010 Find Tools-----> Options----->intellitrace----> Will (Enable IntelliTrace) This one is canceled and then determine---->

Advanced----> Copy the catalog and locate the directory and delete it.

OK, look at the C disk available space is much better.

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