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Entity Framework 4.0 and WCF Data Services 4.0 in Visual studio-visual Studio 2010

In many of the new improvements, Visual Studio 2010 introduced the Long-awaited Entity Framework 4.0 and WCF Data Services 4.0 (formerly known as Data Services), which combined to simplify the way you build data models, work with data, and generate data. The Entity Framework 4.0 (EF 4.0) is dedicated to enabling and simplifying two major scenarios: domai

Visual Studio rapid development and introduction to Visual Studio 2010 new Features _ Basic application

entity class will have a private variable, public property, when a private variable is written, the selected variable right key  refactoring  encapsulate the field, enter the refactoring property name, Although the general entity classes are generated by the code generator, but also can not avoid the addition of modifications and other operations, so this is more convenient and error-prone 15. Bookmark Copy Code code as follows: vb6.0 developed with a certain habit

[SharePoint 2010] Visual Studio 2010 in-writing visualization WebPart Super simple

A new generation of visual Studio 2010 has been written about SharePoint 2010, and has been greatly praised. I used to write a WebPart to do a lot of seven miscellaneous eight steps, but also hard to write HTML output, when someone said can write UserControl and then hang in other WebPart container, but also have to ta

The Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial series one: Things about Visual Studio, VC, and C + +

own slowly to search, good silly ah.Next I'm going to do a "Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial" series to help beginners. It was very painful when I first started to learn, and I have a lot of experience in this, especially when I have no one to guide one or two. The content mainly covers common content developed under Windows using C + +, the use of Visual

Using visual leak Detector in Visual Studio 2010 Visual leak detector is one of the most common C + + memory leak checking tools used in the past (visual Studio 2008 ERA). This tool is still available in Visual Studio

Basic technology: Multiple target Visual Basic applications in Visual Studio 2010

provides additional functionality by using the referenced assembly. Ultimately, all frameworks use the. NET Framework 3.5 command line Visual Basic compiler (vbc.exe). This article discusses the 3.5 and 4 compilers, the compilers that are included in the. NET Framework 3.5 and 4, respectively. The 3.5 compilers are versions that are provided with Visual Studio

C + + IDE enhancements in Visual Studio 2010

If support for the new C + + standard provides a solid foundation for the development of Visual C + +, her enhancements to the IDE will make her more radiant. Many Visual C + + programmers love to eat tomatoes (visual Assist). Why? Because it can compensate for VC (Visual C + +). Although

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 officially released

April 12 morning, Beijing Rong Jing International Hotel, Microsoft New generation Development platform Visual Studio 2010 officially released. Thousands of China development elite and the world's five cities to meet the cross-generational development tools! Microsoft Senior Vice President Dr. Zhang, Microsoft Greater China Development Tools and Platform Division

Completely resolve visual Studio 2010/2008 writing C language questions __c language

Troubleshoot visual Studio 2010/2008 writing C-language issues thoroughly believe that learning C language students have been for their own windows7 can not use VC 6.0 and worry. Perhaps some computers can be used, but most of them are not, and the software will not be compatible with the reminder. In fact, we do not need to use the vc6.0, because the software u

Environment configuration for CUDA5.0 + Visual Studio 2010

According to the previous written cuda4.0 configuration, I configured a bit of cuda5.0, the configuration process has some differences, after some debugging success. So summed up the configuration of Cuda5.0, to give you a reference to it. 1 Installation Environment operating system: Win8 32-bit Professional Edition Graphics card model: NVIDIA gtx650ti 2 Software Preparation(1) Microsoft Visual Studio

ASP. 4 and Visual Studio 2010

. Provides information about what to build and deploy (publish) Web sites, and information on how to precompile a site. ASP. Performance, troubleshooting, and debugging Provides information about what to handle errors, debug ASP. NET pages, view trace information during page processing, and M Onitor the health of a Web site. ASP. Conversion and Migration Provides information about what to convert Web p

Web Development in Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides many new features for the development of Web applications. These new features are designed to help developers quickly and easily create and deploy high-quality, full-featured Web applications. Currently, Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010 Increased Productivity (iv)

I have recently published a number of posts on Visual Studio 2010 productivity enhancements that are mainly featured by Visual Studio integration. Today I will highlight the Visual Studio

Better coding with Visual Studio 2010

to gain scalability, reliability, and data security. At the same time, WEB application patterns are moving in line with the commercialization style and standards. Even the hardware is changing, processor speed is close to the theoretical peak of current chip technology, and multi-core systems provide new ways to squeeze higher performance from a single computer. In this context, and in the urgent demands of software and software developers, Visual

Customizing the Start Page in Visual Studio 2010

In the emphasis on personalized today, everything requires personalization, customization, all emphasize a big I. So that's the custom page for igoogle, the Custom personality homepage for Windows Live. Visual Studio, a developer tool that programmers use every day, introduces the ability to customize the start page in order to conform to this custom, personalized trend. The start page of

Visual Studio 2010 Front-End Development Tools/Extension/Plugin Recommendation _ Practical Tips

How to get Visual Studio to better write HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, in other words, how to better do front-end development. Visual Studio 2010 does not fully optimize front-end development, either the flagship or the free version. Do not want to install these things ag

Unity3d Environment Installation Guide: Unity 4.5.5 + Visual Studio 2010

1. Unitysetup-4.5.5.exeDownload the latest version of the website 4. Xinstalling EXE files2. Unity 4.x Pro Patch.exeCopy exe to the installation directoryC:\Program Files (x86) \unity\editorRun EXEClick Browse, select Folder C:\Program Files (x86) \unity\editorClick PathClick RandClick Cre LicHack done3. Visual Studio Tools for Unity.msiInstall

Visual Studio 2010 Unit tests

Visual Studio 2010 Unit tests are divided into seven parts: normal unit testing, sequential unit testing, stress testing, generic testing, database testing, UI interface testing, and Web performance testing. One of the Visual Studio 2010

Unity3d Environment Installation Guide: Unity 4.5.5 + Visual Studio 2010

1. Unitysetup-4.5.5.exeDownload the latest version number 4. Xinstalling EXE files2. Unity 4.x Pro Patch.exeCopy exe to the installation folderC:\Program Files (x86) \unity\editorExecute EXEClick Browse, select Directory C:\Program Files (x86) \unity\editorClick PathClick RandClick Cre LicHack complete3. Visual Studio Tools for Unity.msiInstall

Configuring the Visual Studio 2010 development environment

Visual Studio 2010 is a powerful IDE, and Microsoft's main programming language is contained within it, whether it's desktop software or Web applications, and Visual Studio 2010 can be done. After you have installed the

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