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Windows is a follow the development of the operating system, WINDOWS8 in addition to the appearance of fashion, its various functional characteristics have been upgraded, and many functional features can be adjusted according to the user's voice. Perhaps a certain function has not yet been as you wish, but there may be tread of the unspoken. What we can see is that many places have become more humane than ever before, and Microsoft has been able to reshape the system in the "8" era by studying the most commonly used functions and modes of operation, based on telemetry data sent by people who volunteered to join the Customer Experience program.

The cancellation of Windows functionality is also an evolution. Some of the features and features of Windows were canceled in Win8, and for most users, these changes may not be noticed. Because, many of these cancellation features and features are low user usage, or a related technology has a new direction of development, the old technology needs to be eliminated situation. Here I've summed up a table that lets you see what Windows 8 has removed from previous windows:


Features to remove


User interface

The Start button and the Start menu

The Windows 8 updated user interface replaces the Start button with the Start menu with a new Start screen.

. HLP File Downloadable Support

As with Windows 7, Windows 8 does not support legacy programs that use the old style. HLP file to display Help content.

See KB article 917607 for details.


Windows DVD Maker

Windows 8 does not include a DVD production solution. This means that users cannot create DVD movie discs without installing additional software for playback in a DVD video player.

You can still use Windows 8 to write DVD data discs without the need for additional software.

DVD Decoder

Windows 8 does not contain software for viewing DVD video. You can obtain such software by purchasing an additional Feature Pack (Media Center), or by installing a third-party DVD decoder.

Hardware and drivers

Standard VGA Driver

Windows 8 does not include a standard VGA display driver. It has been replaced by the Microsoft basic display adapter driver.

This basic driver provides high compatibility by performing a display in the CPU rather than the GPU. This may cause performance degradation compared to chipset specific drivers, so it is recommended that Windows 8 be used in combination with a display adapter that supports WDDM.

Support for XPDM drivers

Windows Vista introduces a Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) that changes the display driver architecture. Drivers that use the older version of the Windows XP model are called Windows XP Driver Model (XPDM) drivers.

Windows 8 is the first version that does not support this old type of driver. This means that if you are using a legacy video card or an older PC that supports only the XPDM driver, it will be limited to the built-in basic drivers in Windows 8.


Press F8 during startup

For Windows 8, pressing the F8 key during startup does not invoke the boot menu. This operation is increasingly difficult because of the faster startup performance. Also, the need to press F8 is reduced, and if a startup problem occurs, the system will automatically provide the startup troubleshooting option.


Previous versions

The previous versions feature and related features that were created for the persistent recovery point were removed from Windows 8.

The new file History feature in Windows 8 will connect the differences between previous versions and backups.


Network topology Map

This feature in Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center has been removed in Windows 8.

Temporary Wi-Fi network

You cannot create a temporary network using the main network user interface in Windows 8. Can still be created using the Netsh.exe command line interface.

Manage wireless network interface

span> This interface was used to add, delete, and reorder saved wireless networks. To provide only the network selection interface that displays the currently available network, the interface has been removed. The

can still use the Netsh.exe command-line interface for connection management.

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