Why does a Windows 7 hard drive computer frequently make hard drive rotation sound?

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More and more computers are equipped with dual hard disks. Generally, one of them is used as the system's primary disk, and the other is used as the storage disk. However, many users often hear that the hard disk is stopped and started. Why? In fact, this is the built-in hard drive automatic energy-saving function of Windows 7 (does it advocate energy-saving and environmental protection? Small Seven will not fall behind ~). If you do not read or write from the disk for a period of time, Windows 7 will automatically disable this hard disk by default, and restart it the next time you need to read or write. So it's strange to hear the sound of hard drive rotation. Although frequent shutdown does not cause too much damage to the service life of the hard disk, you can disable this function if you need a quiet working environment. The procedure is as follows: Open the control panel in the Start Menu of www.2cto.com. Choose hardware & Sound> power options. Select the current power plan and click the "Change Plan Settings" link on the right. In the edit plan settings window, select "change advanced power settings ". Expand "Hard Disk-> disable hard disk after this time ". We can find that the hard disk is disabled 20 minutes later by default. You can reset it as needed, or simply set it to "never". Click "OK" to save the settings. Www.2cto.com PS: if you are using Windows Vista, this operation also applies. Author started from 7

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