Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

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Does your Mac want to install Windows anyway? This has been a controversial topic for a long time. As long as you often browse the domestic some well-known Mac forum, you will find that there are not only a variety of Mac installed Windows teaching stickers, discussion area, and from time to time there will be "Mac installed Windows" of the rack stickers, and this post's reply popularity is quite hot.

Support This behavior of the Netizen can list a series of Mac need to install Windows, the objection can also say a variety of reasons not needed. In fact, for Mac installed Windows this thing, everyone can have their own unique understanding, today's article, the author of an editorial point of view, to talk about my views.

As a system group editor, it has become commonplace to recommend computers to colleagues or friends. To work in the company this time, I often meet other people consulting "buy Mac installed Windows easy to use" "You will give Apple dual system" This problem, which is more tricky than recommending a notebook. Department colleagues have even changed the RTX signature to "Mac install Windows do not Disturb", so this is generally seen.

In a recent travels article, the author has been a netizen's crazy spit groove. I didn't think much of it when I put this picture on, but one of the net-eyed netizens found the catch: This Mac is running the Windows system. In fact, this netizen's spit groove is not unreasonable, a well Mac, why do you want to run "crappy" windows system? There are a lot of questions that are worth exploring.

One: Apple actively supports dual systems

Compared with the iphone and ipad in their respective markets, Mac has been in a state of weakness in the computer market, and annual global sales are often less than a fraction of windows. To win more potential users, Apple launched boot Camp in 2006, a system plug-in that lets Mac install and run the Windows operating system properly.

The latest version of Boot camp has been able to support the Windows 8 system perfectly, while backwards compatible with other Windows systems, and Apple has also given a series of tutorials and FAQs on the site's Boot Camp page, and has done very attentively. Because Apple knows that many Windows software does not necessarily find a suitable replacement for Mac OS, the launch of Boot camp is also a manifestation of Apple's ability to put the user experience first, earning a reputation while attracting more Windows users to buy Macs, What's the Apple doing? Boot Camp lets a lot of the habit of using Windows, but also to the early adopters of the Mac's consumer brave take the first step, and later on the rise of Windows installed Mac planted the foreshadowing.

Second: The Apple brand has special significance in China

As we all know, the Apple product has the top industrial design, the MAC series has been the object which many PC manufacturers strive to catch up with. Thanks to the hot performance of smartphones and tablet markets, Apple has risen in popularity in recent years and has become a unique economic phenomenon. In a public place like a coffee shop, you don't have to pull out a Mac notebook, I'm afraid you'll be embarrassed to sit there for a long time. Many domestic consumers buy Apple products is directed to the brand, suitable for their own use, they may not care. This is not from the actual use of the start, and blindly pursue the brand value-added comparison of the atmosphere, Mac installed Windows is a catalyst for the rise.

Third: Mac localization process slow software, less games

Although the Apple licensed version of the MAC has been in the domestic sales for many years, but the process of localization of MAC is still very slow, not only missing many Windows platform hot software, and the existing local software, quality and Windows platform is far from, some just enough, but not to the extent of good. Mac This is very similar to Microsoft Windows Phone, because the market share is too low, so do not get the attention of local software manufacturers, the system ecosystem is easy to enter a vicious circle. Software is the most important resource on a system platform, which is the most direct way for Mac users to defection because of software problems and the long-term use of Windows system.

Mac platform game too little is indisputable fact, at present only a few European and American popular stand-alone and online games launched Mac version, the majority of the most popular games and Mac missed. If you are a loyal gamer, and you play a variety of games, the Mac system will never be considered. So some users who buy Mac computers can only choose to install the Windows system if they want to play the game. This is also the forum, netizens support Mac installed Windows for many reasons the highest rate of one.

Thus, Mac installed Windows in the domestic rise is caused by a variety of reasons, and in recent years has intensified trend. Apple itself has acted as a behind-the-scenes driver of Windows for Mac, and it's easy to understand why Mac Windows is so hot when the country's obsession with Apple's brand and its poor localization and lack of game resources have been the cause of these years.

Companies have many colleagues using Mac computers, and the installation of Windows system is also a common phenomenon. As the saying goes, there is no say in the investigation, this time the author of the relevant content of the interview, and they are divided into five categories of Mac users. If you're a Mac user, you're sure to find your own shadow among these categories.

First class: Windows-only System

Planning Department Li teacher this 2011 11-inch MacBook Air has been in continuous use for more than two years of Windows 7 system, during which Mr. Li frankly never touched the MAC system. When the MacBook Air bought back, he also spent a few months to adapt, but because of the use of the habit of some problems, Miss Li still can not fully accept the Mac system, finally he found a colleague to help install Windows 7, and has been used to the present. In addition to a significant reduction in battery life, he felt there was no obvious difference between a Mac using Windows and buying a Windows system notebook directly.

Planning department Xiao Wang and teacher Li's situation somewhat similar, this 2012 type 13-inch MacBook Pro is she received from a friend of the second-hand, the machine has been installed Windows 7, plus a small Wang Zhi before the use of Windows system, so the machine did not touch the Mac OS, One use is more than a year. At first, Xiao Wang is not very accustomed to the keyboard layout of Apple, the use of a long time and slowly adapt. Because the Mac spends most of its time in the company, she doesn't care if battery life is compromised under Windows.

Teacher Li and Xiao Wang this situation is indeed very representative, but also the most easy to be spit groove of a type of use. After all, OS system is the essence of Mac computer, if you want to use Windows for a long time, it is more appropriate to buy a Windows notebook at the same price.

Second Category: Mac and Windows dual system swap

Digital Image channel Zhang Xiao Bai classmate last year bought a 2 the latest 13-inch MacBook Air, using a few days after the discovery and site background compatibility is too poor, normal writing articles can not be achieved, finally forced to, had to honestly installed the dual system. During the day at the company she will use the Windows 7 system to work, go home in the evening or on weekends with the MAC system to the Internet entertainment. In addition to the system itself, she can clearly feel the battery life has shrunk under the Windows system. With the Mac system, the latest 13-inch MacBook Air can hold up to 10 hours of long battery life, while Windows 7 is about 6 hours away, so it's not easy for a white classmate to let her MacBook Air run Windows systems unless it works.

Digital Image channel Wensau is also a Mac user, 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro is his current main office computer. In addition to his editorial work, he is an experienced wedding photographer, so he usually likes to process photos and clip wedding videos under the Mac system, and he will only switch to the Windows 7 system if he wants to write articles in the background of the company.

For Mac running Windows, Wensau students have their own ideas: if the Mac system to meet the daily use of all the needs, then I certainly do not run Windows, but I am now a computer, Mac OS want to use bank wire transfer can not be achieved, Previously in the Windows system used in the thousands of listening also no Mac version, I can only use itunes every day to listen to songs, experience is really very general. If the Mac system does not improve in software and usability, my next computer will not necessarily choose Apple.

Zhang and Wensau are typical of the second class of Mac users, because Mac systems are not capable of working, so they switch to the Windows system to use when necessary. This is also the highest chance that a Mac can appear in Windows.

Class III: Running Windows systems with virtual machines under Mac

The author is a system Group editor, the figure of this 2010 15-inch MacBook Pro is the group purchased the evaluation model, now is my home used to work machine, every day after work home I will use it to the Internet, chat QQ. Unlike the above several Macs, this MacBook Pro does not directly install the dual system, but takes the form of a virtual machine, if you need to temporarily write some articles, I will use the virtual machine to run the Windows 7 system, completely without restarting the two systems can be switched back and forth, it is more convenient to use. Virtual machine virtual Windows system is less efficient than the Windows system under the dual system, but in the background to write articles, Internet chat and other simple requirements can be very good to meet.

This MacBook Pro virtual Windows system only has a few office software to use, not on the background to write the text when I do not open the virtual machine. Travel article that photo, I just happen to full screen Windows virtual machine, if it is shrunk into small boxes to use, I believe that the netizen will not spit the groove so ruthless.

Like I do with the virtual machine running Windows is the company's third class of Mac users, which is also the author of a recommended way, suitable for Mac-based, Windows supplemented by the use of people. Parallels Desktop is currently the best virtual machine software under the Apple system, you can easily allocate the hardware resources occupied by the virtual machine, it is highly recommended to everyone.

Class Fourth: Mac system only

Planning Department at the end of last year to buy a new 13-inch MacBook Air, his daily job is to open a planning meeting, PPT and Word,office for MAC 2011 can all meet his work needs, so he did not consider the installation of Windows system. Although this MacBook Air is only a small Guo's first Mac, but he started quickly, and he felt that compared to the previous use of the Windows system, although the MAC system is not comprehensive, but also has its unique, especially the Apple trackpad multi-gesture operation, with a bit less than the mouse control experience poor.

The design department of the small fan is a feature-maker, early last year she bought a 2012 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro as their work computer. Because you do not need to log in to edit background writing articles, usually design work required software, Mac system also has, so she did not install Windows System plan. This high-performance Mac makes her work more efficient, and she talked to her, she praised the notebook, in addition to the notebook keyboard feel general, other places are very satisfied.

Digital Imaging channel Director Pango is also an old Mac user who used to work with Mac Mini. He went to America on holiday during the Spring Festival in 2013, just in time for the best Buy mac promotion there, so he bought a new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro that has become the main office machine. Because does not involve the background article writing, plus the company backstage to the MAC system optimization, pushes the article and so on the work already to be able to complete successfully under the MAC system, therefore entire elder brother can continue to use the Mac system, but also did not install Windows the plan.

Xiao Guo, shooting Ferguson forever and brother are the fourth Mac users of the company, so long as the MAC system can fully meet the needs of use, they will not consider running Windows with a Mac. In the eyes of netizens this is completely no groove point of use, maybe they will silently point a praise.

Class Fifth: Mac and Windows buy one

Du is the editorial department of the famous "cake" rich handsome, buy electronic products has always been generous. This Alienware 17 and 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro is then the top with, he is the first to buy the MBP, after a period of time to think that the Mac system is too poor for game support, and the Apple notebook keyboard is not suitable for long-time typing, So I finally added a Alienware 17. With 2 high-performance notebooks, he will Alienware 17 as the main office machine, on business or weekend at home with the retina MacBook Pro, need to write articles in the background, the home has an old ThinkPad can cope.

Du teacher is the company's last class of Mac users, if not bad money, I strongly recommend and DU Teacher study, mac and Windows each buy a one on nothing. This time you can in turn spray netizens, they also dare not say you what ~

The company these five types of Mac users are basically the epitome of domestic Mac users, in fact, in addition to the first type of users have to be spit out the possibility of the trough, two or three categories are forced to make the installation of the dual system of choice, we can slightly spit groove, but should be given with understanding.

Summary: Mac installed Windows is not accidental, user demand is to determine whether everything is reasonable. Before I did not use the Mac, but also to the Mac run Windows This behavior is not very understanding, the actual use only to find that the Mac is currently unable to replace the Windows system, at least in the country is far from being able to do. If Apple and software vendors can accelerate the MAC localization process, so that domestic users no longer rely heavily on Windows systems, the future of Mac installed Windows is not a persistent problem is not often pushed to the forefront.

For Mac installed Windows, my personal advice at this stage is: Never used a Mac friend, want to buy a Mac before the best opportunity to experience the Mac OS system, if it is not fit, and only want to use a notebook, then there is no need to consider the Mac, Because you buy a Mac and only have a long-term Mac running Windows This option, you might as well buy a perfect experience of the Windows PC, if you are an apple "brain residue", not used to Mac also must buy, or want to borrow Apple this brand to promote their own force lattice, Then when the two systems to use Windows also look at other people's Spit groove, have a certain understanding of the Mac system friends, usually just want to use Windows to solve some of the MAC system can not achieve simple requirements, practical virtual machine is your best choice, You can buy another Windows PC if you don't have the money, and then use it appropriately, depending on your situation and your Mac.

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

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