Win10 video recording shortcut tool Win10 screen recording game video, recording win10

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Win10 video recording shortcut tool Win10 screen recording game video, recording win10

Windows 10 official version has been released for some time. Many new features of win10 are recommended. One of them is how to use the game video recording tool that comes with Win10. The Windows 10 system has a built-in xbox App Store, which not only allows you to directly download the xbox app, but also stream with the xbox, The Win10 system can play the xbox game! What's more, win10 has built-in game video recording software! How can we miss out on such a huge benefit! Today, we will teach you how to use win10 to record games. In fact, WIN10 can record computer screen videos, which is much more convenient than downloading third-party software tools. So how does Win10 record the video recording screen? Let me show you the tutorial on operation methods.

First, open the video you want to record, and press the win10 video recording shortcut key [Win key + G]. This enables the win10 built-in video recording tool. For example. Click the red dot to start recording, or press the shortcut key Win + Alt + R.

The status of the recorded video is displayed. in the upper-right corner of the screen, the recording time is increasing. After the recording is complete, click the Red Square in the upper right corner. For example.

In this way, the video is recorded successfully! So easy! In this case, which Folder does the win10 recording video belong? The recorded win10 video is automatically saved in the System Disk> User> Current User Name> video> capture directory. For example.

Double-click the recorded video and find it in mp4 format, which is very clear.

So how can I set the win10 video recording tool? Click Start> Xbox application in the lower left corner ].

Then you can set the detailed attributes of the win10 recording tool.


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