Win7 system how to remove Internet browsing history and cookies

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Win7 system how to remove Internet browsing history and cookies

1, open their own win7 theme computer, in the lower left corner of the computer screen, find the "Start" menu options, and then click with the mouse;

2, in the Open "Start" menu options, there are two columns, on the right side of the column, find the "Control Panel" option, and then double-click this option with the mouse;

3, in the "Control Panel" settings, there is a "system and security" category, we find it, and click on the mouse;

4, in "System and security" inside, we will find a lot of settings options, find the "Network and Internet" options, and then double-click it with the mouse;

5, we will find that there are 3 set options to find "Internet Options", in this option, the last side we will find a "delete browsing history and Cookies" option, click it with the mouse;

6, we can set up or delete in the browsing record, if you want to be in the end after the network automatically delete browsing records, in the figure "Delete browsing record" in front of the box to tick, and then click the deletion below;

7, there will be a lot of my options, we carefully observe, carefully selected to delete the browsing record and cookies, and then in the box in front of the option with a mouse click;

8, after the election, we will take the last step to delete it, found below the option to delete, and then click with the mouse, so that we surf the internet browsing history and cookies deleted.

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