Windows 10X64 IOS Professional Edition & amp; Home Edition download and permanent activation, x64ios

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Windows 10X64 IOS Professional Edition & Home Edition download and permanent activation, x64ios

I haven't updated my blog for a long time. I have been computing for four years. Well, today I have a whimsy and want to record the process of installing Windows 10 today.


In 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10. At that time, genuine Windows 10 and Windows 8 could be upgraded directly. However, Windows 10 had many problems at that time, so I was not interested in upgrading.


These days, I have read a lot of messages about Windows 10, and I feel pretty good. Just this weekend, I decided to install a Windows 10 for a try.


Unexpectedly, there were many problems, such:

1. It is too slow to download the official IOS image;

2. Download images from other websites. Various versions are dazzling, and each version has such a problem;

3. After the installation is complete, if activated, there will be some activation codes on the Internet, but many will expire with the version update;


Wait, it's a big problem...


The question is coming !!!


Don't be idle, just pick up the hard goods;



I have read many versions of Windows 10 IOS installation images, but I finally chose a collection of IOS images for the Professional Edition and Home Edition, you only need to select a desired address during installation. The address is not saved and you don't want to find it. Just download the address from thunder, I will directly attach the seed!

Windows 10 x64 multi-Version collection, Version 1607 (Simplified Chinese ):

Ed2k: // | file | cn_windows_10_multiple_editions_version_1607_updated_jul_2016_x64_dvd_901_35.iso | 4347183104 | 35EA5DB0F3BB714F5CE0740FB89D82D1 |/



I would like to remind you of the secret key (cracking) of Windows 10 that many people think of the previous pony attack, but we do not recommend that you download the so-called pony cracking from the Internet, the update of Windows 7/8 has been stopped and Windows 10 cracking websites have not been provided for download. If you go to other websites, many of the pony Win10 attacks will be bound with a lot of junk software, which cannot be deleted. It is annoying. Many other software may also be bundled with some junk software. Of course, if you can find the pure one, it should be okay, but in most cases, I am sure there will be a cracking tool for bundling junk software, so we do not recommend that you use software to crack it, here, I provide a method for cracking, which is also seen on the Internet and recorded here:


**************************************** *************************** ************************************

Topic: Use kms for activation. You can directly use the command to complete this task.

Method: In win10 desktop status, right-click the windows logo or press the shortcut key windows + x, and click the command prompt (Administrator)

The command used is slmgr. The manual kms activation command is as follows:

Slmgr. vbs/upk

Server Load balancer/ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

Slmgr/skms zh. us.


The first command, slmgr. vbs/upk, is used to uninstall the key of the current computer

The second command, slmgr/ipk ******, where ***** is the key, generally use the above key.

The third command, slmgr/skms *****, is to set the address of the kms server. Generally, many kms addresses are invalid. You can try other addresses.

Kms. landian. news

Zh. us.

The fourth command, slmgr/ato, is the activation command. It connects to the kms server for windows activation.

Family: TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99

Hurry to favorites! Windows 10 official Batch Key activation (group chart)

Microsoft released it in the TechNet community today

Windows 10 Preview

The KMS Client installation key is mainly used for batch activation of new systems, as follows --

Windows 10 Professional Edition


Windows 10 Professional Edition N


Windows 10 Enterprise Edition


Windows 10 Enterprise Edition N


Windows 10 Education Edition


Windows 10 Education Edition N


Windows 10 enterprise 2015 LTSB


Windows 10, enterprise 2015, LTSB N


Note: Windows Media Player is removed from versions with N, and KMS is not required for family versions.

KMS is the first new product activation mechanism on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 to better prevent piracy. It is suitable for enterprise organizations with multiple devices. All machines in the local network can be activated through a KMS host server in the LAN. The validity period is only 180 days and must be reconnected and activated upon expiration.

These keys published by Microsoft are provided to the KSM host.

This facilitates organizations to deploy new systems.

Of course, KMS activation has already been cracked, so ***......


These keys cannot be used to activate the retail version of Windows 10.

KMS deployment and activation Tutorial:


Q: How do I view the expiration time?

A: You only need to use the slmgr. vbs-xpr command.

Q: How can I view activation details?

A: You only need to use the slmgr. vbs-dlv command.

Let's talk about the digital rights activation (oem activation). Previously we wrote that this kind of activation is permanent and is bound to the motherboard information. That is to say, if you replace the hard disk and memory, nic and other hardware, as long as the motherboard is there, after the new installation of win10 (the version must be corresponding), the network can be activated.


The above activation method from:

**************************************** *************************** ************************************


OK. With the installation package and activation method, I believe there will be no problem in installing Windows 10 in the future. Over!


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