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If users use Windows SQL Server as the operating system of a computer, they can configure the computer as a Web server, an IIS server, an FTP server, a DNS server, A variety of servers, such as a DHCP server and a WINS server, to provide a service to clients in a network. Of the most important and basic three services provided by Windows Server servers is the domain name service, the service that converts the NetBIOS computer name to the corresponding IP address, and the service that dynamically assigns IP addresses to clients entering the network. Their main function is to transform and parse the IP address that the computer can recognize with the computer address and name of the type such as or Jace (computer name) that people use in the real world. These three services are performed by DNS servers, DHCP servers, and WINS servers respectively. This chapter describes how to create and configure DNS servers, DHCP servers, and WINS servers and their associated knowledge, based on the important role of these three servers in the overall network connection.

On a large Internet network, each computer (whether it is a server or a client) has its own computer name. This easily identifiable name enables network operations such as easy access between network users and connections between clients and servers that store information resources. However, the real connection between the computer hardware in the network is not through the familiar name of the computer, but by the individual IP addresses of each computer. Because the computer hardware can only recognize the binary IP address. Therefore, there are many domain name servers on the Internet that are working to convert computer names to corresponding IP addresses in order to connect computers on your network. The visible DNS server plays an important role in the Internet, and this section provides an introduction to the Domain Name service and how to configure and administer DNS servers.

What is Domain Name service

In the computer network, the host identifier is divided into three categories: name, address and path. And the computer in the network address is divided into IP address and physical address, but the address is not easy to remember and understand. To provide an intuitive host identifier to the user, the TCP/IP protocol provides domain name services (DNS)

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